18 Strangest Cat Behaviors Explained

18 Strangest Cat Behaviors Explained

18 Strangest Cat Behaviors Explained. Here is the list of unusual cat behaviors.

Chewing on plastic
If your cat is chewing on plastic, blankets, furniture or other things they shouldn’t be chewing on, they may have pica. Cats often get pica from anxiety or disorders in their gut.

Itation of the ears
Ears movement is an indication that your cat is feeling uncomfortable or anxious about something in their environment. If their ears aren’t moving independently and are only slightly pulled back they are alert and listening to what is going on around them.

Not covering Their Litter
In the wild, cats dig a hole when the need to poop. When they are done, they cover it up to hide their scent from predators. If your cat isn’t covering their poop it is best to take them to the vet to eliminate the possibility of a paw injury or urinary tract infection.

knock off everything!
Cats feel their surrounding with their paws which are incredibly sensitive. By knocking things over they satisfy their curiosity, seeing exactly what will happen when they touch something.

Number 10 – Tiger Eyes – narrow pupils. cat’s pupil.
This usually stems from their predatory response and they are probably focused on their next bit of prey. This could be because they want to play and have fun with you, or that they have set their sights on a bug to hunt.

Number 9 – Rubbing
As a cat owner, one of the things you would notice the most is how they rub up against you with their head. This behavior is called bunting.

Number 8 – Biting their nails
One of those reasons is keeping their nails clean and short. It could be thought that your furry friend is anxious or has a bad habit. Like people, cats can bite their nails when they are bored or if they feel anxious. And just like people, this can become a bad habit that is difficult to break. You will need to try and find out if your cat is just nervous or if they are bored and need some form of play or entertainment.

Number 7 – Crazy Runs
Your cat may start sprinting around your house or apartment, bouncing off of the walls and furniture without any warning. Naturally, cats can run up to thirty miles per hour and when they are kept indoors all day they energy becomes pent up.

Number 6 – Sleeping on your laptop
cats like the warmth of your laptop. Cats like temperatures of 20 degrees higher than human’s ideal temperature.
Number 5 – Eating your houseplants
Cats bite and chew plants for a variety of reasons. In the wild, indigestion is often cured by eating grass, so if they are feeling a little gassy they may start munching on your plants.

Number 4 – Crazy Legs
Cats sleeping exposing belly. sometimes laying down or sitting with your legs and arms sprawled is incredibly comfortable and relaxing.

Number 3 – 2:00am Cat Calls
Some cats enjoy a little night time singing. This can become extremely annoying, especially when you do not get to laze around all day and sleep like your cat does. There can be quite a few reasons why your cat is howling at night.

Number 2 – Straight from the tap
Generally, cats are not a great fan of water but a running tap seems to be their favorite drinking spot. Running water is clean and free of disease where still water usually contains all kinds of bacteria that may be harmful to your cat.


20 thoughts on “18 Strangest Cat Behaviors Explained

  1. My cat has some strange habits too. At least twice a night he’ll jump on my bed, try to wake me up with this little “blurb blurb” sound, sometimes will actually walk across my back (he’s 20 lbs.) then wants to lay lengthwise across my stomach and chest so I can pet him. He’ll stay for a few minutes and then when he’s had enough petting he leaves, he will do the same thing during the day if I’m watching tv, jumping and sitting on my lap and across my chest wanting to be petted. He’ll stay there for a few minutes while I pet him and then he’ll start wagging his tail like he’s mad and then leave. Any idea what this is about? Just wanting some affection?

  2. Whenever my cat brings me a dead or dying bug or rodent I make sure to eat it in front of her to show how much I appreciate her gift.

  3. There was two number ones.. anyway, another thing they didn't mention is cats function like clockwork. They are extremely routine driven and like to have
    a set (almost exact) time of the day for everything they do. I have two cats (twin sisters) who are both poles apart in personality, but their routines are
    enough to set the clock by, and anything that breaks the routine is met with sheer disgust and displeasure… and probably silent threats of getting
    themselves some new human servants who will tow the line like proper staff…

  4. I didn’t adopt my cat… she adopted me. Literally wouldn’t stop meowing until she was inside our apartment. All she wanted to do was to cuddle. It’s been 6 years and this is her home now. I’m also allergic to cats hahaha

  5. My cat is old & now blind. Body lang has chged since getting blind. So glad he isn't living on the sts anymore. Miss his rodent hunting tho. Wonder if I keep him alive for me or him. He purrs & eats so I'll take care of him till he isn't happy, rt? Pumpkin helped his squirt prob, cheaper than meds.

  6. My cat once brought the head of a small squirrel and placed it at the front door. My first reaction was,.."Oh, you ate the best part and brought me the head." Then had the audacity to rub against my legs.

  7. "Running water is clean and free of disease" – you need a reality check. Water from any open source is contaminated by many things. Use your imagination – birds fly over it and swim in it and their digestive systems never quit. Fish poo, and things even die in it like deer, fish, and other critters.

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