Alvi cat : introducing himself

This channel owes its name to Alvi, a wonderful ginger cat who inspired us to make more than 140 videos all about his adventures in and around our home.
To our dismay Alvi passed away April 2021 during a dental surgery, but his videos are still here in his honor. Watch a few of his videos and you’ll understand why he became a YouTube celebrity in such a short time!

May 2021 we adopted Cody, looking like a younger version of Alvi but of course with his very own personality and habits. Like to see some extremely cute and funny cat videos? Just hit the subscrrrrribe button to get notified!

Music: Vollkornbrot

Regular uploads three times a month: 10th, 20th and 30th day of each month.
Shorts (vertical video, 60 seconds max, no music) 4 times a month.

No sub-for-sub beforehand! Of course we will always consider subscribing to channels in our own field of interest.

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