Biden’s former COVID-19 response senior adviser and author of “Preventable” weighs in on investigating the origin of COVID-19 and the public’s response to Dr. Anthony Fauci after released emails.

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By earmpy

39 thoughts on “Andy Slavitt Discusses Concern Over COVID-19 Delta Variant in U.S. | The View”
  1. It seems to me that the unvaccinated owe a debt of gratitude to all of those who have chosen to be vaccinated. At the same time, they could observe the improved state of mind of those who are now vaccinated. I, for example, no longer cringe when in proximity of someone who’s not wearing a face mask. They’re either vaccinated and not a danger — or, they’re not a significant danger to me even if they are unvaccinated.

    In communities where vaccination rates are lower, the number of new Covid cases are still highly problematic. When the more infectious variants arrive, this rate will dramatically increase. Meanwhile, I look forward to receiving my booster shot.

    Note: One lesson that we’re being reminded of is how interconnected we all are and that, in the sense of community, caring about the well being of others is part of the “Golden Rule”

  2. The news just loves to spread fear, anxiety and paranoia. This Delta variant is just a way for them to make profit from people who are too scared to even leave their house to get vaccinated. They keep their ratings up by keeping negative waves in people's brains. I can't even tell you how many showers I've had this week already. It makes me miss the old days when they never shut up about Trump, and I HATED Trump.

    And it doesn't help that most states have lifted their mandates. I know I'm gonna get hate from the far-right for saying this, but this is why a Blue Wave was really the only answer.

  3. This is a great show. It's half-wits interviewing half-wits. Absolutely nothing gets answered, and by the end, we're all dumber than we were at the start.

  4. He is selling a book. All you need to know.
    The last time I checked President Biden did not create “Operation Warp Speed.”

  5. I know they aren’t trying to make up another pandemic.. people will never go into lock down again unless it’s a zombie apocalypse lolll

  6. Vaccines are only saviors for the drugs companies since return on investment for their synthetic drugs are way down and too much money for required testing and lawsuit insurance. Return on investment for vaccines are thru the roof because no testing required and they have complete immunity fro lawsuits

  7. Here we go again the View bashing Trump . We are all benefiting on the vaccines that Trump sayed we would have in one year. Does anyone think that sleepy Biden would have got it sooner.?

  8. Anthony Fauci said what Trump ordered him to say. Now Marquito and the others want his head for saying falsehoods. And Fauci is too much of a gentleman to say: "Trump wanted me to say such things."
    Marquito et al are deflecting, as usual: keep the attention on Fauci so people won't remember that their Messiah let half a million people die of the virus.

  9. 6 months ago, if you said Covid was leaked from a lab, you would've been exiled from social media. Now, it's the mainstream opinion that out could've gone from a lab. Hilarious.

  10. Sunny is so obsessed with trump that its becoming psychopathic. Get some help. He is not in the picture anymore. 😨

  11. Thanks VIEW for pointing out that all the libs have the TRUMP WARP SPEED vax in them….and pointing out that Trump was right again that the virus probably came from the Wuhan lab…

  12. Can some tell what in the name of god is wrong with republicans? Over the past few years they have made dumb move after dumb moves.They stand in the way of policies that can help the country.They go on these different shows and push off the wall conspiracy theories. That sound like something off the scifi channel.That act alone shows how irresponsible they are to do things like that.Which why things are the way are in this country I see the republican party as a bunch of greedy old people. Who care only care about money and tohell with everything else.BTW glad meghan was not there today.I would love for a guest.Tgo off on her hard big time.And point out that all she ever does is always whataboutism.But never looks at her party and ask the hard questions. But going against trying to get to the bottom of 1 / 6 / 2021. Thats the very last straw for me.They are no different than the people who want this country to fall

  13. Yep! Yep! Trump admitted he knew weeks before the first confirmed US coronavirus death that the virus was dangerous, airborne, highly contagious and "more deadly than even your strenuous flus," and that he repeatedly played it down publicly, according to legendary journalist Bob Woodward in his new book “Rage."

  14. Marsha BlackWho?? Dr, Fauci is a TRUE AMERICAN HERO to the majority of us🙌Who cares what someone most people couldn’t point out in a line up thinks? There is always evil nemesis’s

  15. Yep! Secretary Pompeo@SecPompeo / Feb 4 – USA Sent PPE to CHINA > US government account >> Proud of our rapid facilitation of the delivery of donated life-saving personal protection equipment and medical and humanitarian relief supplies to the people affected by the #coronavirus in #China. Grateful to the generous U.S. organizations donating to the relief efforts. American Nurses wore Garbage Bags.

    “On February 7, the WHO warned about the limited stock of PPE. That same day, the Trump administration announced it was sending 18 tons of masks, gowns and respirators to China.” –

  16. I find it funny that Sunny said she got her kid vaccinated but not long ago she said her son is on South Africa becasue he will be safe there. Even though SA is one of the most dangerous country's in the world and I work with a South African citizen and she told me no one is safe there!! Sounds like Sunny makes up sh!t again!!

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