“More and more vaccinated individuals are coming back positive,” said one man who caught the Delta variant at a party where just one person was not vaccinated.

Full story: https://www.kens5.com/article/news/health/coronavirus/as-coronavirus-cases-rise-again-delta-variant-poses-risk-even-to-vaccinated-people/273-675d4b15-706d-45d2-960d-8b343aae87d9


By earmpy

20 thoughts on “As coronavirus cases rise again, Delta variant poses risk even to vaccinated people”
  1. Wait, wait, wait. You didn't say that the one unvaccinated person spread the virus. When the nurse says, "Vaccinated people can't spread the virus," that doesn't seem to be true. Madison tested positive. You have to have a lot of SARS-CoV-2 up your nose to pull a positive nasal swab. I don't want to put the blame on this one unvaccinated person. What makes more sense is that vaccinations prevent people from getting as sick unvaccinated people would get and prevent people from spreading SARS-CoV-2 as easily as unvaccinated would spread it but that vaccinated people still get sick and still spread it.

  2. WHAT?!???! these sheeples are finally showing strength and becoming Fearless!!!!!!!! Bring out the DELTA plan out now!!!!! "gosh i hate parties and seeing these sheeples havin a good time"

  3. COVID unfortunately is not going anywhere it’s just going to mutate in to a stronger strain. I believe this pharmaceutical companies just rushed theses so called vaccines to fast.

  4. So the 8% must be fully vaccinated. Then what does that tell you about the vaccines? Hummmm. It tells me the fully vaccinated needs to mask up and get tested. Some of the fully vaccinated are spreading the Covid too.

  5. Look at all the idiots in the comments. These people are the reason why the pandemic will never end.

  6. It’s a personal Choice if someone wants to get vaccinated or not. Especially if they had the virus there’s no need for them to get vaccinated. No local or federal government should be pushing ppl toward it. They can recommend it but not force it.

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