Behringer CAT review

Behringer CAT review

Review of the Behringer CAT, modern version of classic mono/duophonic analog synthesizer of the ’70s.
00:00 Introduction
00:23 What’s in the box
00:32 Front Panel controls
02:21 Rear Panel controls
02:36 Sound & Modulation capabilities
07:41 Patch: Syn Bass
09:21 Patch: Syn Lead
11:17 Patch: Prog Lead
13:04 House: Bass & Lead
15:33 Conclusion


30 thoughts on “Behringer CAT review

  1. I was told that the Voyatra 8 is just 8 Cats. If that is true, it would be really cool if Bahringer would do the same thing to the Cat that they did with the Pro One (Pro 800)

  2. Still can’t decide about the cat. I have the model d, the crave, and the 101. I want the solina next when they finally release it, and I’ve been craving the vc340 for a couple of years. All my boyhood dreams coming true, thanks to Uli Behringer allowing the masses to access equipment that had until now only affordable to the privileged few. Oh great video by the way Paulo.

  3. As always Paulo delivers something special. Literally pulled the cat out of the bag with this one! Question: What is the stand on which you have the Cat sitting on? That would be great for my work desk for some of my modules 😀

  4. When the Ipad came out, I thought it was surely the end of synth widget hardware, since the Ipad could be any conceivable synth widget, but boy was I wrong,

  5. I hadn't taken to much notice of the Cat , as I more had a eye on the K2 and the neutron but the Cats have dropped down price drastically here in Australia , I've got a few Behringer things the 3 and 6 faux, and they both are really good , esp the 6 faux it's a beast , I'm a bit spoilt with bass synths as I have the Erica db01 and grandmother , and a Paripi destroyer etc , so I don't end up using the td3 that much , I was pretty impressed with alot of the sounds U got out of this feline

  6. I was sceptical at first, but you pushed out some quite lovely patches.
    The CAT is $350 cheaper than the Mother-32, and it has two oscillators rather than just the one….Hmm.
    Keen to see how it compares with the K-2. A side by side comparison would be interesting….hint hint Paolo!

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