Cat TV – Squirrels and Woodland Birds Spectacular

Cat TV – Squirrels and Woodland Birds Spectacular

Cat TV – Squirrels and Woodland Birds Spectacular – TV for Cats

Video Produced by Paul Dinning – Wildlife in Cornwall

Filmed in June 2017


36 thoughts on “Cat TV – Squirrels and Woodland Birds Spectacular

  1. Its great!! I think so, but.. MY 4 YEAR OLD CAT IS LIKE: * blink * Holman, why this? I have other IMPORTANT things to do like rubbing my face on EVERYTHING in the house, cuddling with
    Leo ( my other cat )!! She just sat there and stared at me and the screen…. LMAOOOOO

  2. I love your videos channel it helps me with my anxiety and depression.
    Thank you! please continue to make more videos! Have no idea how calming these videos are to watch. Also helps my cat with anxiety too.

  3. Thank you so much for making this video, I have an orphaned kitten, (we found her at just a few hours old, she is 6 weeks now) and she loves falling asleep to this video it is her favorite <3

  4. My cat loves watching this video on my phone! It's so cute, she immediately starts purring as soon as I turn it on and it calms her down from wanting to go outside at night. She used to meow and scratch at the door wanting to go outside at night and now her new nightly routine is watching this video and she is content.

  5. I tried to put this on for my cat to watch in a corner of my screen, as she was sitting in my lap while I did computer work. After about 5 seconds she jumped on the desk to attack the screen. 10/10 very entertaining for her.

  6. My cat absolutely loves this video and I liked this video too, it’s relaxing and beautiful. Aww my cat is purring watching this on my bed 😻😌😊❤️💯

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