Childhood Lullaby for Cat – Haburu Finished Listening to Sleep

Childhood Lullaby for Cat – Haburu Finished Listening to Sleep

Hi everyone, this is a song for Minh to compose himself. It has gentle melodies for a weekend of rest. Everyone name the song to help me!

Some of Haburu’s most favorite songs:
– The best lullaby for cat (Meowssage):
– Proud of MEOW:
– Brahms’ Lullaby for Meow:
– Always with MEOW:
– Masterpiece Mashup for MEOW:

Hi everyone, this is Haburu’s 2nd channel :). There is a novelty that will appear extremely lovely friends like Haburu. I will convey to you the best piano cover songs with super cute expressions of Haburu and friends!

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48 thoughts on “Childhood Lullaby for Cat – Haburu Finished Listening to Sleep

  1. ピアノが夢をつないでくれる…ミュージックは素晴らしい… いつも 安らかな気持ちで 眠れるよ………

  2. Haburu, you have just captured my heart! I’m a pianist, too! So we both love the piano and the beautiful sounds! You are one darling, endearing cat! ❤️😻

  3. Your playing is beautiful your talent is exquisite. My cat and I am overjoyed we found you. We both enjoy you. Who would ever have thought of this. You and Hanuru are amazing . Wish you could come to Lincoln Center N Y C U S A. WHAT COUNTRY STE YOY GUYS IN. GOD BLESS YOU AND I AM BLESSED THAT I FOUND YOU. LISTEN EVERY DAY M. LINDER

  4. Ooooh so enchanted music really touch soul inspite we are in the middle of hot summer but I felt winter's charming amazing warm time's 💘❣💝💖❤💗🧡💥💫💟🖤💜💙💙💌☺️😚😙😙😗😗🥰🥰😘😘😍🤗🤩💋💋💕💕💕💚💚💓💓💞🌷🌼🌼🌸💐🌻🌼🌸💮🌺🌻🌹🏵⚘🍀☘🌿🍁

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