Coronavirus infections are rising in at least 12 states as the Delta variant spreads. As Janet Shamlian reports, experts warn some areas could see “very dense outbreaks.” Then, Dr. Taison Bell, a critical care and infectious disease physician and the medical ICU director at the University of Virginia, joins CBSN’s Mola Lenghi to discuss the latest.

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By earmpy

33 thoughts on “Coronavirus cases rise in a dozen states as experts warn Delta variant could fuel "dense" outbrea…”
  1. Let red states reap the whirlwind. Their ignorance should not be bailed out with one penny of American tax dollars. Don’t send them any help. Let their fabulous immune systems save some of them. The rest? Oh well. They made their beds.

  2. But tell me why ??? Every time that one country is almost the majority vaccinated suddenly appears a new variant! Facts first country : England almost every body vaccinated and pooom!! The Bristish variant , then South Africa plomo after the South African variant, Brazil ploomm then the Brazilian variant , is there going To be and extra extra plus plus variant in the near future more than this one called delta plus , they are looking to me more as a product than a variant. Just my opinion

  3. The trouble with "young people" these days is that they were raised by anti-vaxxers and brainwashed by them. It's that simple.

  4. We can easily prevent another outbreak. 💖💉💖

    If we continue practicing protective measures for more time and encourage more people to be vaccinated, 💉😷💉

    then we can easily prevent another rise in COVID cases and deaths.

  5. 😏 ¿Que quedó tras todo este circo del covid? La nueva "normalidad".
    1) Empresas cerradas
    2) Desempleo y hambre
    3) Turismo por el suelo
    4) Decadencia de la TV abierta
    5) Estallido de la delincuencia
    6) Inflación
    7) Cirugías y exámenes sin realizar
    8) Abandono de nuestros ancianos
    9) Desesperanza, depresión e incertidumbre
    10) Violencia intrafamiliar
    11) Deterioro y deserción educacional.
    12) Miedo hasta para respirar en la calle.
    13) Ricos más ricos y pobres más pobres
    14) Deuda gigante que pagar a la Banca Mundial.
    15) Efectos adversos en los vacunados.
    16) La muerte de los 2 presidentes que se opusieron a la pandemia (el de Tanzania y Burundi)
    17) Libertad condicionada a un pasaporte sanitario.
    18) Profesionales con carreras cercenadas.
    19) Un salario de subsistencia para tapar bocas.
    20) Un basural de mascarillas y recipientes de alcohol gel.
    21) Vergüenza de no haber sido capaces de detener esta dictadura sanitaria.
    Y por supuesto…
    22) Un tremendo negocio para la banca, farmacéuticas y laboratorios.

    ¿Y si hubiésemos seguido la política de Salud de Suecia? Otro país tendríamos.

    Ahí se las dejo.

  6. It's that simple, protect your self, social distance, and wear your mask my goodness!!! don't believe the nonsense about vaccinated persons have some full proof protection from Covid-19 because just had two vaccinated co-workers get it and one "hospitalized", so be more safe than sorry especially with these different delta and delta plus variants spreading 😕👎

  7. Revelation 21:8
    8 But the cowardly, the unbelieving, the vile, the murderers, the sexually immoral, those who practice magic arts, the idolaters and all liars—they will be consigned to the fiery lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death.”

  8. Fauci actually said mask won't protect you…. Plus he was involved in the funding of the Wuhan lab… as well as involved in… Gain of function research…. do your own DD…. Only misguided people and ones that listened to Comcast owned news outlets fell for the Demonrat dooped Marxist Trojan horse propaganda play…your welcome my beloved fellow Americans…😉😉😉

  9. It’s mostly only people that got the vaccination the people that don’t have the vaccination are not getting this new variant the vaccination they gave everyone is only meant for COVID-19 The problem with the COVID-19 vaccination is it screws up your natural anti-body system for the rest your life but you’re good with COVID-19 now.

  10. Symptoms of this "delta" variant are the same as a cold or hay fever. Mix that in with people who haven't traveled or left their homes in months and no wonder people will pick up a cold. Any of these media "experts" willing to explain why the flu disappeared in 2020?

  11. Stop complaining. They warned us. Science is not a hoax. Science is science. More people need to take extra science classes so this world want look so stupid. Believe me there will be other viruses. You don't take the shot the virus will mutate. Most likely you're a Carrier too.

  12. So now we know for sure that dr. Anthony fauci Wuhan coronavirus has killed three and a half million people. Now we have the facts to prove it. Not only that that we have witnesses from the Wuhan Institute of virology that say that it was no accident that it was done on purpose and that there were people from Are country involved…. and dr. Anthony fauci is one of them. Here's another little bit of info when viruses that come from nature mutate they mutate down which means they get weaker when viruses that are man-made mutate they mutate up like these variants are doing now so you people have been playing their game getting your vaccine just like good little boys and girls and they are nowhere near done with you yet when the rest of this all comes out there will be people tried for treason and dr. Anthony fauci is one of them

  13. Americans have very short memories, gas prices go up $2 and the used car lots fill up with SUVs, gas prices go down $2 and the used car lots fill up with compact cars, rinse and repeat.

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