The new “Delta Plus” Covid variant “more transmissible” than the original has been detected in the UK with 41 cases being monitored.

Delta Plus has been found in nine other countries – USA, India, Portugal, Switzerland, Japan, Poland, Nepal, Russia and China.

PHE is not calling it “Delta Plus”, and said the World Health Organisation is considering it simply part of Delta, but is monitoring the cases.

Brits will find out crucial updates to the green and amber travel lists tomorrow – and quarantine-free holidays to Spain, Greece and Italy could be back on by August.

Covid cases in the UK today jumped by 16,135 – the highest number of new infections in almost five months.

The total number of cases since the pandemic began now stands at 4,667,870.

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By earmpy

47 thoughts on “Covid-19 cases & deaths rise as ‘Delta Plus’ variant spreads hindering holiday hopes”
  1. And if DELTA-PLUS becames the Main variant ,making Vacines Obsulet?……8-10% World vacinated whit a OUTDATED vacine?………UNIVERSAL BASIC INCOME NOW!……..! PEOPLE OVER MONEY !

  2. Looks like bullsh*t and waffleitus is spreading in the government along with I don’t know itus. Boris was definitely patient zero and Nadhim has been infected. Normally a reliable outlier in the Tory ranks. Its clear what Boris spread is very infectious indeed.

  3. The Delta wave has more positive cases but is much much much more less in deaths. The symptoms that has are equivalent to a normal flu and of course the vaccines are not helping in general. If I don't have the vaccines I need to have a mask, social distance and I can transfer the virus, if I have the vaccines I need a mask, social distance and I can transfer the virus so how the vaccines help??? Also all the country's in EU stopped to buy more Astrazeneca vaccines why??? Suddenly the last two years we don't have deaths from other diseases, heart attacks ect only from covid really???

  4. If any of this was true every car on the road for the last year and a half would be a hearse and the grave yards would be as tall as a skyscraper.

  5. Its pretty high numbers considering it is summer and 80% of vaccinated,last year numbers was smaller at summer time and then was not vaccine

  6. Why the thumbnail pictures a sunny beach??? Uk has sunny beaches??? The problem is INSIDE the uk. Not Spain nor Portugal or Italy.

  7. You may now begin to realise why these people are pushing for them to have armed police protection. Lifesaver Dimwitty recently partaking in being accosted farce to fuel this agenda.

  8. Deaths are no up at all. More people are getting infected, but as most of them are either not vulnerable or already vaccinated, the virus does nothing. End this madness now.

  9. Yawn, yawn, yet again more made up drivel to keep the fear high and the prospect of freedom low.
    Ignore them and get on with your life. Oh and if you want to know the truth about 'figures' look on the O.N.S website then stop watching the telly, then research for yourselves, then look at Florida and how things are being done there, then tell Bojo and chums to do one, then take your freedom back if you haven't already.
    Unite against these criminals and live YOUR life.

  10. Breaking News in 2035.

    As we finally land people on Mars, we have found traces of the Coof there. Put your masks back on and brace yourselves for the Alien Variant.


  11. 2020: Just 2 weeks to flattern the curve bro…
    2022: just 5 jabs, a chemical castration, and 3 thought crime checks a month and you can see your friend on their patio for 5 minutes a week.

  12. Deadly disease my derriere…
    The government is deadly…
    A positive test does not mean you are 'sick'
    That is the lie promulgated by the Jesuit elites…
    Vaccine passports? Usurpation of our private freedoms..
    Brexit = No European court
    That was the only reason for Brexit..
    We were all duped…
    Let this melee unfold…. Unravel it will, and it will be too late for the sheeple to do anything about their rights and freedoms then…

  13. The WHO are mainly made up of ccp members.

    Dr FAUCI's emails PROVE the cover up. Both FAUCI and the WHO have lied to the world for over a year.

    They created this virus in a lab – FACT. They have the evidence its just being censored by the MSM.

    FAUCI is also partnered with Moderna. He has made millions while innocent people are dying.

    You listen to any of this crap from these so called experts you want your heads read !

    Do your own research. Dont be a brainwashed sheep. They are lying to you.

  14. I’m loosing my patience with you sheep.Wake up it’s not about a virus it’s about CONTROL.They are already casting doubts about July 19th.They are rebranding hayfever and they will stop all hayfever meds and cold and flu meds from being sold in supermarkets and pharmacies

  15. Gov and NHS are try to give them information if you've had covid..
    They don't want to know !
    They only want their truth !

  16. If there is a deadly Delta variant why are the gawd damn communist Democrats spreading it all over the country when they send the untested illegal borders crossers all over American via bus and planes?

  17. According to the data of the Ministry of Health, 6.6% more cases of disease in people who have just taken 2 doses of the preparation. It is interesting how this supposed delta is recognized, how antigen and PCR tests are unreliable and discredited. What will they scare us with in the fall?

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