Doctors said if you’re fully vaccinated, you should be OK because the vaccines do a good job of preventing serious illness and death, even against the Delta variant.



By earmpy

12 thoughts on “COVID-19 Delta variant causing spike in cases in Texas”
  1. It’s pointless to try and reason with Trumpers. Trump told them that the best way to deal with Fauci is to do the opposite of everything he says. So tell them “Please don’t take the vaccine. We cooked this virus up just to get rid of you and we’d appreciate it if you gather together and breathe deeply. Stay close to hospitals so the ambulances won’t waste gas.”

  2. It's all well and good if you don't value your life enough to get vaccinated, but the unvaccinated people are allowing the variants to come to fruition. And these variants are more viral and more deadly. So people trying to make it a "don't tread on me" personal choice argument are flawed in their thinking. Your lack of action can cause another human to lose their life. What's more "treading on" than that?

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