Health experts are appealing to South Africans to refrain from social gatherings and adhere to all COVID-19 precautionary measures. South Africa is battling to curb the highly transmissible Delta variant that is now circulating in the country. Let’s bring in a better mind.
The acting executive director of the National Institute for Communicable Diseases, Prof Adrian Puren.

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30 thoughts on “COVID-19 Delta Variant I Health experts urge South Africans to refrain from social gatherings”
  1. You need a medicine distribution center for all the people suffering at home unable to leave the house to buy medicine, oxygen etc…

  2. Maybe it would help get a better idea of the actual ramifications if the hospital's stop classifying Covid deaths as of by natural causes… an absolute disgrace!!

  3. SARS-COV-2 infection induces long lived bone marrow plasma cells in humans, Nature , 24 May 2021 , Turner, Washington Univ School of Medicine. In short Covid infection gives natural herd immunity.

  4. Instead of pushing vaxx why not test people for antibodies ? Then give vaxx instead to people who want or need it. Cleveland Clinic study showed Natural Immunity is as effective as immunity obtained from Vaccines.

  5. We should take advantage of the raised rubber platform principle where the virus actively stays away from taxis fully loaded with windows sealed shut…can we not put something like that in offices and restuarants etc?

  6. Useless locking down when you don't warn of emergent telephonic transmissibility, I may be contracting the virus as I listen…

  7. It’s been a while since COVID started. Cyril didn’t even build 1 new hospital. With all the money that was looted they could have built special hospitals in each province or major city to deal with COVID patients!

  8. When india was seeing the rise in deaths many indians went home to bury fam & loved ones then came back with the delta strain…. i heard they are also coming through botswana when coming from india

  9. no social gatherings minimal shopping. only one person per household in a shop.
    no moving between towns.
    no one in the streets unless u go to a shop and one person per house shopping. so on. dont close businesses

  10. wont be a level 5 as there is no money can u imagi e the cyvil unrest. EFF already threatening disorder is cyryl puts a 5 lockdown in place

  11. Where was the delta variant when Cyril went to the G 7 meeting and did not wear a mask all the time or did social distancing ? No quarantine when he came back either.

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