Sydney has recorded two new COVID-19 cases as authorities scramble to stop the spread of the highly contagious Delta variant.

A woman aged in her 50s from Sydney’s north and a man, aged in his 30s, from the eastern suburbs have contracted the disease. They are close contacts of previously known cases and have been isolating.

That now makes 11 cases connected to the so-called Bondi cluster.

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By earmpy

40 thoughts on “COVID-19 Delta variant is spreading across Sydney | 7NEWS”

    36 infections means what? Doesn't say confirmed covid cases.

    Any of the media peddling this bullshit should wear a clown outfit on air from now on.

  2. Pretty soon, we’ll be able to place bets with Sportsbet as to exactly when a state government & these so-called “health experts” will announce the next “outbreak” or BS “variant”. You can almost set your watch to the exact moment they’ll do it, now that it’s oh so predictable 🙄🙄🙄

  3. the NSW Premier is a DISGRACE! ONly cares about business, when mobs die, there will be no economy!

  4. None of you cared when India reached 450,000 cases in a day with people being cremated on the streets but this is suddenly concerning? Our government is a joke…a small spike in cases is to be expected, so stop fear mongering the people so much, just push the vaccinations and chill out a bit…

  5. Delta strain ??? Rapidly spreading ??? Zero deaths ??? Fear mongering !!! 🤣😂🤣 Total lockdowns simply don't work. If anything they create virus outbreak waves once the lockdown ends. Natural herd immunity builds over time as population intermingles and the more rapid less lethal variants spread across populations, thus increasing herd resilience. Peoples antibodies get built up over that time. In fact exposure to the more rapidly spreading less lethal variants is critical, in order to build natural herd immunity. Rapidly spreading viruses tend to be less lethal, because they go undetected. i.e. because they are milder variants that are not killing people, they get passed on from one person to the next more easily. i.e. the living human host gets to pass on the virus to others. i.e. because they are alive and they travel and move about the population ! That's why they spread rapidly !!! Doh ! The more deadly viruses tend not to spread so rapidly because the human or animal hosts die out and thus the transmission pathway is terminated.

  6. Funny how all these restrictions at first were to flatten the curve …. now it’s being played out as the new norm… now we need a travel permit to go to a different boarder. We will need to start suing the government on the grounds of the Constitution

  7. Delta is spreading every country at the same times…. Even there is travel restrictions…Wonder why? You guessed it, .. the vaccination..

  8. People need to wake up this is a side line focus point for what is really happening. The greatest wealth heist is taking place right as this media scum lies to everyone. The extra rich elites are resetting the monetary system to rain in digital cash less world. This whole covid is a scam. Doctors Fauci has patents in the virus. Non of this is real.

  9. 2more cases and you call it spreading all over sydney..they must be laughing at you in countries with 5000 + aday watch your mouth.

  10. Fancy allowing planes in from 3rd world countries like India.Its a disgarce if Australians havent returned home a year ago after they were told too.

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