The COVID-19 Delta variant is surging across Australia.

Almost every state has recorded new infections today. Sydney has 18 new cases.

The Prime Minister has convened an emergency meeting in Canberra to deal with the fresh surge.

Latest Details:

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By earmpy

37 thoughts on “COVID-19 Delta variant spreading across Australia | 7NEWS”
  1. The UK government has released a study showing VACCINATED people are 600% more likely to die from the Delta variant (and other variants). Think again people. Science and government data anyone? @t

  2. the only thing spreading is AWARENESS of the fact that you are all a bunch of criminals trying to spread as much fear as possible in order to justify extending those emergency powers so you can continue on with your little experiment.

  3. It is just simply unfathomable the amount of stupid people out there that jump to the beat of these Gestapo governments. My God wtf is wrong with you all

  4. I think it should be mandatory to tell us how many cycles of the PCR test they are doing. Mandatory for them to give us more details on each "case" and mandatory on the news of all the adverse reactions to the jab. Seven news try doing some decent reporting.

  5. Thanks Gladys, and Scotty and Greggy.
    Australia thanks you for such competence in dealing with this crippling pandemic.
    A special mention must go out to young joshy from accounts, who is still trying to find the $60 billion he lost down the back of the couch………….