Since one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine isn’t enough protection against the Delta variant, which is more contagious and can make people sicker, urgency is growing to get more Canadians fully vaccinated.

Nearly 70 per cent of the population is half vaccinated, while less than 10 per cent have received both doses.
That has some provinces wary of reopening plans.

As Heather Yourex-West reports, Alberta is hoping to remove all restrictions in less than a month for the start of the Calgary Stampede.

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By earmpy

35 thoughts on “COVID-19: Delta variant spreading through Canada, raising reopening concerns”
  1. Toronto cancelled the CNE and it's the right way to go. Not until 70% of the population are fully vaccinated with two doses, no big public events should take place. It would be another disaster if another outbreak happens again and we'll be back to square one.

  2. All you have to do is look at what the UK is doing and you will see its all in their plan. I bet that just as we near stage 3, they will postpone reopening because of the delta variant. Who wants to take bets????

  3. A man here in North Ontario hung himself last week. He missed another vacation to Cuba, his neighbor bought a better looking Ski Doo, his camp rental increased because of Covid and he couldn't retire early.. True story..

    Canadians are pathetic, especially in the northern areas in and around Quebec. 🤬

  4. Keep shutting everything down, and soon you won't have anything left to open.
    Sooner or later your going to have to go with herd immunity.

  5. Lockdowns and mask mandates have literally created a new mental disorder called COVID-19 anxiety syndrome. Governments’ scare propaganda was so effective that it’s traumatized people for life creating an entire generation of spineless agoraphobic people.

  6. This fall and winters flu season will be all us anti vaxers fault. There is no stopping the blame game from the fear mongering left.

  7. Guys Be ready for the Zeta Variant next Year same moment!!!And get a shot of different vaccine every years now!!Let this BIG Pharma bosses be richer and richer with our money each year!!!

  8. The fear mongering continues. Not enough people lining up for the shot, they have a new variant. I think they should be letting the public know how many of the cases and hospitalizations are those who are fully vaccinated.

  9. Any excuse to keep people locked down and committing suicide, I guess. Too bad the Con party is too pathetic to open the province and tell trudeau to suck it. Seems like the only real conservative party in canada anymore is the PPC.

  10. Funny that every other virus dies out in the summer, with variants becoming WEAKER than the previous strain… How are these strains getting stronger, and how are they even infecting people in the summer time when people are outside getting natural immunity from the sun??? Also funny that getting "vaxxed" means a greater likelihood of getting one of those variants… Hmmm, makes you wonder what's in the test tube… I know, Let's ask the famous doctor south of the border; he's bound to tell us the truth… We are all in this together folks, and only when we stop being fearful and getting tested does this stop… Stop the compliance, stop wearing your face bib!!!

  11. Scripted World Theatre/ Psyop on the masses by the world elite
    All world leaders are scripted puppet actors  installed by the  elite
    Barak (Saddam) Hussein (Osama) Obama (Bin Laden) ..

  12. Liars all of you liars
    Shame on the health org extortionists
    Shame on you all
    May God find no mercy for any of you
    That partake in this hideous scandal

  13. If you get sick and die from COVID-19 because you doubted the government, didn't wear a mask, didn't get vaccinated and did whatever you want, that is natural selection weeding out the stupid people. Then the world will be a much better place

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