Covid Delta Plus Variant: There are over 40 cases in the country of the new Delta Plus strain, which has been tagged as a “Variant of Concern” by the government, according to sources. Yesterday, the government sent a warning to Maharashtra, Kerala and Madhya Pradesh on Delta Plus cases found there.

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By earmpy

24 thoughts on “Covid-19 News: Over 40 Cases Of Delta Plus, "Variant Of Concern", In India – Sources”
  1. Delta plus variant is spanning over the country, in the prevalent situation why is the UPSC not postponing Engineering services examination scheduled on 18th July which will lead to lakhs of students traveling across countrywide and risking life? Kindly pursue this story as there has been a huge demand amongst the concerned aspirants to postpone the exam, and resultant uproar on Twitter.

  2. The question that needs to be asked is this: when were the samples collected for genome sequencing, and when did the results came in? In other words, what is the gap between sample collection and actual results?

  3. State & central govt should stop all projects like, bridges, metro train, building roads, new Parliament, etc &should divert all funds to every jan dhan a/c, must impose immediate lockdown as they did in 2020 march 24th, if people are dying, what's the use of projects, should import & produce more vaccines & must be vaccinated to every indians in door to door. A person should be allowed only after vaccinated to step outfrom his residence, atleast 10,000 rs must be deposited to every family for just 2 months, until they get vaccinated. Its their money why not state fund & centralfunds can fulfill their 2 months basic needs

  4. Corona virus has fully exposed the Indian government negligence. The government has totally ignored the lives of the people by not taking the situation seriously and let virus multiply at faster rate. Kumbh Mela proved to be most disastrous event ever to took place. Modi government is responsible for the 47+ lakhs deaths in the county. This is what happens when you elect goons and murderers to form governments.

  5. All have got suggestions advise, but no one will b rebellious , your comments are trash till the time they are not taken seriously, better be one & act against the goons who are running the govt

  6. The so called freedom liberty equality ideas of france are being followed by covid virus, intellectual idiotic foolish librandus must answer now!!

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