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The Chinese city of Nanjing continues to fight an outbreak of the coronavirus. Thirty-one new infections have been reported, bringing the total since the outbreak emerged last week to 106.

Local officials have confirmed the Delta variant in Nanjing transmission. Currently, Nanjing has closed all tourist spots, and public transportation is under restrictions.

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By earmpy

44 thoughts on “COVID-19: Officials confirm Delta variant in Nanjing transmission”
  1. chances are the virus is in other major cities despite people being vaccinated. I hope we don't see a painful lockdown of 2020 again

  2. Thank you China for your effort in effective control of the spreading of covid virus in China. Well done 👍

  3. a thai monk said only 500 billion people left on earth when covid is depends where u r. u might feel neg or positive if the ur country is in control

  4. Learn how to live with covid 19 ! Covid 19 can affect you but never be fatal for you if you follow some natural tips for some days after being getting affected. If you have a covid 19 positive test, control your eating habits for some days and take only all types of grilled or boiled non – vegetarian foods and all types of pure dairy products, white sugar, sea salt, red chili powder,all types of green leaves like spinach and lettuce, coriander powder or leaves, , turmeric, products that made from pure wheat, masoor dal(pigeon food). Avoid all types of fruits and vegetables . Either it is a green vegetable or a root (besides green leaves) and avoid cabbage and cauliflower and all types of vegetables oil also. It is a very strict diet plan but with this diet you can achieve zero inflammation within 10 to 15 day. To meet your daily needs of vitamin c you can take a half or a quarter of lemon per day.
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  5. If the case numbers were the same in any other country outside asia covid would be declared defeated and all restrictions would be lifted immediately.

  6. India is the source of coronavirus because it's common knowledge that all viruses can only achieve double or triple mutant stages from its place of origin

  7. WION stigmatizes covid with Chinese people when there are evidences of covid existing in several countries before China. WION should learn to get on CGTN's level.

  8. All current vaccines does not prevent infection, with new variant, vaccines is getting useless. Vaccination mean to train our body to live with the coronavirus as pets. Hope China will come out with a super vaccine that actually killed the viruses. Until then may God help us all.

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