While the Delta Variant is causing COVID-19 surges among the unvaccinated in parts of the country, doctors look to reassure the vast majority of eligible Bay Area residents who have received their shots. Wilson Walker reports. (7/14/21)


By earmpy

27 thoughts on “COVID: Doctors Reassure Vaccinated in Bay Area As Delta Variant Rises In Parts Of U.S.”
  1. Scapegoat those who have concerns about emergency use vaccinations while releasing those vaccinated into a crowd with the pretense they are safe was probably not the safest nor scientifically sound thing to do but it does shift the burden from the experts that may have been wrong on a few occasions to those that remain hesitant to believe the agenda has any sincere concern about their personal safety and ability to decide for themselves .
    It is the perfect formula of convincing society they do not need free thinkers when a superior intellect can make hard choices for them.
    It is alluring as the more dependent you become through self doubt the more authority can be taken to control a society poorly equipped to resist the temptation to be stupid.

  2. Did you hear the last thing the doctor said? You're probably also safe if you already had Covid (obviously). Let's stop ignoring natural immunity. She also said hospitalizations are a SLIGHT "uptick", not a surge of death and hospitalization.

  3. If the Black Death would’ve came back (Black Plague) at that point The Governor wouldn’t give a shit of all of us he would sit back and watch us Die while he getting treated.. This World could be Scary

  4. $—Modern Medicine Enslaved To Ignorance & Chained To False Opinions. Vaccines have become the New Idols Of The Marketplace. For the Truth about Vaccination Programs read the Historic, “This Is A Bio-Attack Alert”, by Dr Robert B Strecker.

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  6. What about the control group? Wouldn't you want a group of people who haven't received the vaccine?

  7. These doctors are wrong. Thousands of vaccinated people are being diagnosed with Covid every day! The vaccines do not really work. Shutdowns and quarantines are the best way to go. The bay area and the whole country needs to reimpose all the restrictions again right now!

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