From 1st dose’s effectiveness to Delta plus variant concerns in future wave, here are the top updates on coronavirus. The first dose of Covid-19 in India can be up to 75% effective, claimed a study by PGI Chandigarh. Another study said protection from Covishield’s first dose is 61% while both doses are 65% effective. Meanwhile, the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) said that Sputnik V will soon be offering a booster shot. The shot has been adjusted to work against the Delta Covid-19 variant. The Delta variant was first detected in India and was believed to be responsible for India’s deadly second wave of Covid-19. Watch the full video for more details.

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9 thoughts on “Covid update: Delta Plus variant & 3rd wave; Sputnik V booster shot; virus origin probe in US”
  1. Please if you have people working for you- cook, driver etc. Then don't hesitate in paying Nd getting them vaccinated or atleast help to register them online. We must act fast.🙏

  2. Time to do more investigation inside USA! China's first case was about December 26, 2019. US may be December 24, 2019! But USA only tested samples collected after January 7th, 2020!

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