From Maharashtra’s death toll crossing the one-lakh mark to China approving vaccines for children, here are the top updates on coronavirus. Maharashtra’s death toll count crossed the 1-lakh mark. Maharashtra recorded over 12,000 cases in the last 24 hours. Meanwhile, the Haryana government extended lockdown across the state till June 14. Shopping malls, bars, restaurants can be opened from 10 am to 8 pm. Also, China authorized emergency use of CoronaVac for children aged 3-17 years. The vaccine has been manufactured by the Chinese firm Sinovac. Watch the full video for more updates on the pandemic.

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20 thoughts on “Covid update: ‘Delta variant 40% more transmissible’; China’s vaccine for children”
  1. Just same old evil political war tricks – Divide & Conquer – UK varients, India varients , Nepal Varients, …. one by one section by section to attack all into Disimmunising, Depopulating and alien Hybridisation …. more sickened people and dying rates growing from covid injections every year now … migraine, headache, cancer growing likewise from PCR TESTING dropping microchip particles and nano poisonous stuffs through the nose with 5G covid tricks …

    satan is the father of lies, always against HUMANS to steal , kill and destroy

    All because of evil political poisonous GMO covid Bioweapon injections virus in Humans are becoming virus themselves and spreading more virus and more stupidity with virus varients … Still Foolishness of humans like

    Humans’ Children are attacked in their next category with their divisions and sub divisions

  2. Politicians doesn't help science! Italy just announced COVID-19 exists in Italy from Summer 2019, half year earlier than China!
    GOD bless Italy and China!

  3. are kya delta variant ye variant who variant had hai yaar ek kam kardo pure population ko kardo tum are kya corona inko ake bata raha hai main itna transmission hai mera
    election ke tym tho koi transmission nai hota tab corona rukh jata hai kya

  4. We should never forgot the real name of the virus🤨
    Its not covid 19 , it's WUHAN virus👍👍👍
    Lets make china pay for the lives we have lost !!!🙏🙏🙏🙏

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