Crazy cat asking for attention very excitedly

Crazy cat asking for attention very excitedly

When the black and white cat saw me, she came to me meowing very loudly. She cat was excitedly asking for love and attention from me. I thought she was hungry but she was just a little thirsty. She was a little crazy but still very cute, affectionate and funny.


35 thoughts on “Crazy cat asking for attention very excitedly

  1. Wenn ich könnte, würde ich gerne alle retten. Was mich meine Katzenliebe schon an Tränen gekostet hat. Jeder sollte Tieren helfen, denen es schlecht geht. Der Abschied war jedes mal ganz tragisch für mich. Jeder sollte Kätzchen füttern😢😢😢😿😿😿.

  2. This cat needs a good bite at the neck. Hold the face with your thumb down the chin, raised it up, then bite like a vampire on the neck. Arrrrrrgggggh! Just like that. Lol!

  3. People make so much different things to get attention. From being popular one to self-harming. From being loud one to rich one.
    And they often don't get as much attention as they want or even don't have it.

    This cat is purely asking for it and has it. We should learn from him

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