Creeper-Chan's Kitty Cat Problem (Minecraft Comic Dub)

Steve learns Creeper-Chan’s one true fear, and uses her weakness to kitty cats to his advantage when she wants to blow up his new house…

Thanks to Merryweather Comics for letting me dub their work, follow them:

▶Voice Actors
☆Creeper Chan played by Jelzy
☆Steve played by me 😀
☆Skeleton Archer played by Kat follow her here:
☆Narrator played by Fullmetal dubs follow him here:

Fullmetal dubs follow him here:


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I regret nothing when it comes to this video lol, by the way thank you for over 545,000 subscribers it means so much!

Hope you all enjoy this new series, I am a huge fan of Merryweather’s comics and super excited to dub this whole series especially since there are no long term English dubs yet so excited to maybe be the first to finish the series in English so buckle up for the wild ride that is Minecraft Anime.

Gonna be working on allot of new stuff besides the Godzilla puppet project, also gonna be doing some Minecraft comic dubs, as long as you guys like them including Merryweathers stuff, until I am asked to stop lol. But in the mean time plenty more Godzilla KOTM, Godzilla Vs Kong, Friday Night Funkin, Genshin Impact, Steven Universe Gone Wrong, some Friday the 13th comic dubs and so much more coming very soon so stay tuned and be ready I have some awesome plans for this summer!

Background Music:
Hidden Agenda by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (…)

Jazz Comedy by Benjamin Tissot

The Duel by Benjamin Tissot

City Sound Effects by Jester Gaming

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