Crypto Crackdown, Delta Coronavirus Variant, Volatile Week and PSTH SPAC Deal (Stock Market News)

In today’s stock market news we talk about the Chinese crypto crackdown, the Delta coronavirus variant, a volatile week and the PSTH stock. No sub yet? No prob:

Today’s stock market news:
Bitcoin continues to fall as China intensifies the crypto crackdown.
A Chinese city with a lot of hydropower clamps down on crypto mining.
Hashrate is declining and regulation becomes harsher.

S&P 500
The CDC says the Delta coronavirus variant could be dominant in the US this summer.
It’s first found in India and has an increased transmissibility.
Total daily new cases in the US are still at a very low level however.

US dollar
The US dollar faces a volatile week with multiple policy makers talking this week.
Investors will look for indications that the inflation is going to overshoot.
Experts say the Federal Reserve might need to raise interest rates next year.

PSTH stock
And Bill Ackman shares more details on the PSTH deal with Universal Music.
The SPAC will become a complicated mixture of three separate companies.
Universal Music will start trading in September 2021 on the Amsterdam stock exchange.


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