UK, Cases, + 8,125, Highest since February 26

Confirmed infections up 58.1% week on week

Deaths, + 17

70 million vaccines administered

Indian/Delta variant, doubling every 4.5 to 11.5 days in English

60% per cent more infectious than Kent/Alpha variant

5% of Indian variant infections are in the fully vaccinated

UK variants

5 April to 16 May

N = 1,054 confirmed B.1.617.2 genomic sequencing

Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, 88% effective against symptomatic disease from B.1.617.2 variant 2 weeks after the second dose

(93% effectiveness against the B.1.1.7)

2 doses of AstraZeneca, 60% effective against symptomatic disease from the B.1.617.2
(66% effectiveness against B.1.1.7)

Both vaccines, 33% effective against symptomatic disease from B.1.617.2, 3 weeks after the first dose

(50% effectiveness against B.1.1.7)

AstraZeneca later than Pfizer-BioNTech

Immune profile develops more slowly with AZ

So far, up to 9 May

Vaccination programme has prevented 13,000

39,100 hospitalisations in older people in England.


May, 155,016 Covid tests were carried out in Bolton – one test for every two people

Looked for reasons to vaccinate

Nadhim Zahawi

We are on track for offering all over 50s who have had the first jab their second jab by June 21

Very high levels of uptake, in the 90%s

but we have got to make sure they get their second jab

5 or 6% who didn’t have their jab, please come forward

21st June

Jim McManus, vice-president of the Association of Directors of Public Health

Need an other 4 weeks

Data, and not dates

invest that little bit of time to keep us going forwards, it will stop us going backwards

The complete lifting of measures on the 21st of June not only risks an increase in cases and hospitalisation,

but risks the introduction of new variants to the UK which will undermine our vaccination programme and derail our path back to normality

UK official data


By earmpy

44 thoughts on “Delta, 60% more infectious”
  1. Thankyou for your 1 1/2 year of daily calm and informative broadcasts. Keep ignoring the paid trolls (they are not authentic individuals/opinions), and carry on. 👍🏽💜

  2. Thank you for your no-nonsense and very informative videos. You are really helpful. No anosmia for me, only a brief absence of taste. My main symptoms of the Delta variant have been violent headaches with high fever, loss of appetite and incredible fatigue. This Delta variant acts really fast once it's got you – beware everyone – you have to rest, drink lots of water and ramp up your vitamin intake. I'm taking D3 as a mood-elevator and Vitamin C tablets. This is really nasty, please stay safe.

  3. Dear Dr Campbell, Thank you very much for this information. I still have a lot of questions and you might be able to help me. You mentioned that 17 people died last Friday. Do you know who those people are? I mean…How old were they? What treatment did they receive ? Were they vaccinated or not? Regarding the people currently in hospital because of covid, how old are they? How did they get covid? Did they become ill because they did not get enough vitamin D? Because they were obese or diabetic? I understand that for most infected people, hospital is not required. So, is there a herd immunity taking place at the moment? You don't actually sound sure whether the vaccines are helping the decline in hospitalisations. Could it be that healthy people are just becoming naturally immune against it, despise the spread? Thank you.

  4. I struggle to understand these statistics. Weren't a previous strain said to be 60% more infections than the original virus as well?

    What is meant by infectiousness? The R value? Or inherently how easily it is spread human to human given there is no prior immunity, or given the current level of immunity in the population?
    Is it 60% more infections than the original virus at the start of 2020 or now (given there is some herd immunity)?

    It appears that each new strain is as infections as before, but over time each strain loses its infectiousness as immunity increases in the population. Is what I am saying here correct?

    The impression that is given is that he virus is getting worse and worse over time. Dr John, is Covid in your opinion getting more or less of a problem over time?

  5. Wow worry no more, Drayo herbalstore is here to cure all types of diseases, HSV, hypothyroidism, cancer, diabetes, weight loss, with his great roots and herbs product, am so lucky I came across you on YouTube God bless you sir

  6. QUESTION – Dr. Campbell did you ask for and receive aspirated Vaccines for your two Covid-19 vaccines jabs?

    I am 67 years old and I asked my GP if I could request an aspirated vaccine at the Victoria, BC, Canada Covid-19 clinic and he assured me that there would be a nurse or a Dr. present who would be familiar with the procedure even if the Injection technicians were not.
    I went to the Clinic on June 12 and after 30 minutes of processing and waiting I finally got to the front of the cattle zig zag que.
    When I asked my technician if he would give me an aspirated jab he said no he could not but he would get the Head nurse to talk to me.
    The head nurse informed me that aspiration during a vaccination was no longer recommended procedure and that the procedure was 10 years out of date. She told me I would not be able to get an aspirated vaccination at the clinic so I left the clinic without my 1st dose.
    I did a bunch of phone calling to the Vaccination hotlines and went onto the BCIT Nursing education websites and they all confirmed that aspirations were no longer done for vaccinations due, as you quoted from your Health Minister, that the Deltoid muscle has no major veins or arteries so it was not required.
    I then rebooked my vaccination but now the earliest I can get my 1st dose it July 9th.
    Oh well another month of isolation will not kill me. 🤣 Been doing it since Feb 2020 so I'm an old hand at it by now.
    Thanks for all the information Dr. Campbell we all really appreciate the Service you do for us all. I hope you were able to get aspirated vaccine injections.

  7. You should point out what "effectiveness" means- doesn't kill you? Doesn't hospitalize you? Prevents you from even getting sick?

  8. i have no problem with targeted vaccination. It's the only solution to poverty, overcrowding, multigenerational households – it's not possible to solve all that, and it's an infection reservoir. Anyone like me who's white, rural, well-off who gets 'how dare they' about it is an idiot

  9. I feel that this virus must've spread differently than what we're being told. It just seems to have traveled to far, too fast, n even to remote areas in a way that's different. Could it have been spread thru chemtrails?? That would help explain it's spread so quickly as well as to remote areas.

  10. Do you think the U. S. will experience an uptick in cases because of this Delta Variant? And could this be the real 2nd wave and what they thought was a 2nd wave earlier was incorrect? And lastly do you believe that these vaxxes provide the protection against these variants like they're claiming?

  11. As you have interviewed Dr Tess Lawrie, maybe you can get her back on to discuss her open letter asking for an immediate halt in the vaccine program?

  12. Let's ramp up the fear weeks before lockdown is meant to end, and then cancel it. If people keep on believing this crap, we'll never get our freedoms back again. This is the biggest scam on humanity ever, and it's shown how many stupid people we have on this planet.

  13. big differences there 9:00 between effectiveness of Pfizer @ (88% b.1.617.2 and 93% b.1.1.7) VS AstraZeneca @ (60% b.1.617.2 and 66% b.1.1.7) . I wonder if those who already received the AstraZeneca vaccine could get a 3rd dose to boost the effectiveness past 66% or receive the Pfizer as well to better help against b.1.617.2 . The difference in effectiveness seems to be over 25-30% gap that is kinda large.

  14. SHOW US the ISOLATED "delta variant" (or any "virus") entering a cell and replicating using electron microscopy.
    if you can't, "viruses" don't exist.

  15. Pfizer tested the vaccine on 2500 children age 12-17 starting in March, 3 months later you and others claim it is safe for use or have no reservations on the vaccination of the young strong enough to cause you to discourage?

    All of the vaccines have yet to complete full clinical trials for use in general never mind children with some trials end date being 2023. We the people are a part of this trial regardless of what you or any one says that’s the TRUTH.

    You say it is approved?? It’s approved for use under emergency laws, you can’t sue Pfizer if a vaccine kills you and life insurance doesn’t cover you either as it’s ‘experimental treatment’ not to mention it’s not FDA approved.

    I could stomach the vaccination push to prevent the loss of life and Matt Hancock saying “this is an adult vaccine for adults, children won’t be vaccinated” as an acceptable risk to an adult population but I can’t stomach medical professionals hailing this current set of vaccines the “cure to resume normal life” with the narrative around the vulnerable to all of a sudden……we are looking to vaccinate 12-17 year olds????

    This doesn’t make sense and I believe many will feel the same when vaccination of their children is pushed upon them.

    Not everyone will or should think about life in a complex way John, but it the responsibility of those who do to the shed light on the issues and guide others, I am against vaccination of the young and any other rational person should be also until we have more data.

    More dangerous mutations will occur if the young are vaccinated on mass for no logical reason. Your losing credibility pushing vaccines on our children and you either sit on the fence or just follow the narrative, I am astounded that a seemingly nice and intelligent man can’t see the light through the darkness. I have followed you since the pandemic started but I think you’ve lost me on the back of your last video.

    I wish you well in life and I hope your message regarding vitamin D saves many people’s lives (although prof spectre tried to squash your argument with non stop senseless waffle, he was contracting himself in every other sentence) don’t sit on the fence your better than that.

    If COVID is endemic and vaccination (current vaccines) do not completely stop spread or the virus existing why are we readily willing to vaccinate children with something we CANT POSSIBLY know the long term affects of? Are we not vaccinating to prevent severe illness in the vulnerable? , 90+% of the vulnerable are vaccinated making children requiring vaccination right now a pointless unnecessarily risk?

  16. This should be looked at, very important. @
    Dr. Robert Malone is the inventor of mRNA Vaccine technology.
    Mr. Steve Kirsch is a serial entrepreneur who has been researching adverse reactions to COVID vaccines.
    Dr. Bret Weinstein is an evolutionary biologist.
    There are timestamps but the first 34 mins tell you a lot and very clear that there is not proper adverse events being reported because they don't think that symptoms are vaccine-related. Where I live 1 day after vaccine they say it is not vaccine-related.

  17. If you want to know what's hidden from the public regarding the shot, listen to a video by the Justice League entitled Spike Protein & Immune Escape. You will be shocked by the coverup of damning evidence. For your health, don't get the shot.

  18. Thank you Dr John! You have done so much for the world!
    Been watching since January 2020, from NY. You have helped me help get my family and my friends through this… and you continue to be a solid grounding part of my day. Plus, man, “ would’ve thought airplanes….” yeah!

  19. The news about restrictions not being let go by the government is devastating. My parents work in the aedding events sector and haven't been able to host weddings at capacity since start of covid. They may go out of business because of this

  20. Lockdown if you want to lockdown. Socially distance if you want to socially distance. Wear a mask if you want to wear a mask. But from June 21st, anyone who doesn’t want to do this, must be free to live their own lives without being vilified for doing so

  21. BioNTech ….human biology and technology combined ?
    Imperial college London offshoot campus called TechForesight and their remit from the VISIONS programme which is designing SOCIETAL STRUCTURES with Human-Machine interactions and Human AUGMENTATION alongside Smart Planet……a worry for all !

    Oxford University alongside it's offshoot campus called VACCITECH…vaccines combined with Technologies….cofounder Professor Sarah Gilbert who has been given charge of finding a vaccine for Covid-19…….strange but true… this why the Government are determined to push the vaccines?

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