Delta and kids: What happens when they go back to school? | COVID-19 Special

The Delta variant emerged in India’s ferocious second wave. Leaving its marks on millions.
It has since crossed the world, sending infection rates soaring, and threatening a return to normal.
It’s also wreaking havoc on children’s lives, from school closures to long COVID and even severe illnesses.
Just how dangerous is Delta for children, and should we be stepping up the race to vaccinate them?
Kids are currently enjoying the summer holidays. Schools are closed, giving parents the chance to spend time with their youngsters and protect them from getting infected with Covid-19. But what happens, when schools reopen?
Many fear that kids could then be exposed to the highly contagious Delta variant. The news from the UK, where the variant is sending even kids to the hospital, has intensified the debate about vaccines. At the same time, scientists are still trying to fully understand the impact Sars-CoV-2 is having on children. While the virus always seems to be one step ahead.


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