Efforts are intensifying to get more Americans vaccinated against COVID-19 amid a growing threat posed by the delta variant. Experts worry the variant could soon be more prominent than any other strain in the U.S. NBC’s Blayne Alexander reports for TODAY live from the CDC’s headquarters in Atlanta.

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By earmpy

25 thoughts on “Delta COVID-19 Variant Prompts Renewed Push For Vaccinations”
  1. The democrats are drinking the Kool-aid again, now in larger numbers
    than ever. Biden is in office and Jim Jones is back. People like Mayor
    Lightfoot of Chicago, Vice President Kamala Harris, Maxine Waters are
    the new Jim Jones, just to name a few. Maybe the Kool-aid looks more
    like a COVID-19 vaccine shot, or maybe it looks like the shredding of
    the Constitution. Victims of the Jim Jones trilogy have one thing in
    common. They exhibit signs of "Stockholm Syndrome". History repeats
    itself, and society has been drinking Jim Jones Kool-aid, before Jim
    Jones was born.

  2. Fear fear and more fear. They are losing control & are frantically scrambling to get it back.

  3. why isn't there a PUSH to have the vaccines modified to cover the variant strains? at least the two top ones ..they make combination flu shots- how about the top three variants; the India one and the one that started in the UK.. what's up with that?? and how about letting me know if I need to have the vaccine again in 6 months!!??

  4. Thought they said the the vaccines dont help with the strains? So why should we get them if theyre useless?

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