The delta Covid-19 variant now accounts for more than 50 percent of new cases across the country, especially in states with low vaccination rates. NBC News medical contributor, Dr. Natalie Azar, breaks down how health officials are reacting to the surge in cases and whether restrictions could be reintroduced in the fall and winter. 

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By earmpy

20 thoughts on “Delta Covid Variant Surges In Areas With Low Vaccination Rates”
  1. After all the lies that Fauxci, CDC, WHO, CCP, MSM and Demoncrats told from the first wave of the 99.6% survival rate Covid, you would think that people would not fall for it again. The only virus in this country is stupidity! Wake up Blue-Anon cultist!!

  2. nuremburg 2.0 is coming npc's theres no stopping what is about to happen with the lies being revealed. the truth shall set us free! criminals will be held accountable and any who pushed these lies will not have a good time.

  3. Low vaccination rates in my area. Over a year now and we are all doing fine. Guess what? Instead of chasing free donuts and lottery tickets we exercise, eat right, breathe freely with no mask and take vitamins, especially Vitamin D. CLOWNS.

  4. delta variant huh? Remember the variant that could not show up on test, they just told you that you have covid? lol. Reports saying you have a 98.7% chance of recovering from covid, but if you are vaccinated you have a 880% chance of dying from covid. Let me think….mmmmm… I just dont know.

  5. I wonder who is going to blame who when this vaccine doesn’t go the way they preach it! And who will take responsibility for it.


  7. [Random doctor]

    "okay now tell us about how everyone needs to take these experimental drugs from companies with a long history of killing people"

  8. Fauci and WHO are both without credibility with there connection with the CCP. Obviously most Americans don’t trust them so these political news company’s need to get proper people to talk about this. America deserves better and real news along with trustable information! Shame on these fake news companies

  9. Boys , preserve your sexual energy and keep a positive stream of thought and you have the greatest vaccine in existence already built inside of you .

  10. Αѕḣⅼі Βаḃḃіt'ѕ ⅿսrḋеrеr ḣаѕ ḃееո іḋеոtіfіеḋ. Ніѕ ոаⅿе іѕ Ꮮt. Μісḣаеⅼ Вуrḋ. Ηе'ѕ а ḃⅼасk ⅿаⅼе ⅿеⅿḃеr оf tḣе Ꭰеⅿосrаt ЅЅ ԝḣо ⅿսrḋеrеḋ аո սոаrⅿеḋ ԝḣіtе fеⅿаⅼе раtrіоt аոḋ ḣаѕ ѕо fаr ģоttеո аԝау ԝіtḣ іt.

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