Delta & Delta Plus Variants of Corona Virus | All you want to know

Dr.Maulik Shah MD describes all about delta & delta plus strains of coronavirus.
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Disclaimer: This program is meant for general knowledge updating only and not to be taken as medical advice of any form. Consult your doctor for any medical complaints. The scientific facts shown are best known to the author they may change with time or maybe incorrect in the context of time and new innovation and research.

TIMESTAMPS (You can directly watch the portion)
00:00 to 00:35 introduction
00:36 to 02:04 Basics of Mutation & Variants generation
02:05 to 03:30 Variants of Concern – Delta
03:30 to 04:35 Variants of Concern – Delta plus
04:36 to 08:24 Differences between Delta & Delta Plus
08:25 to 11:08 Third-wave & Delta variants: Why do we need to take care?
11:08 to 11:22 Credits

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