Delta goes to Europe, First detected, October in India

Red list announced on 19th April for the 23rd April

UAE, 22nd April

France, 24th April

US, 4th May

During massive surge in India

Why is the UK worst / first effected?

April, 20,000 people arrived in UK from India in first 3 weeks

Multiple introductions

Any single introduction may simply die out

EU health officials, 90% of cases by late August.


Angela Merkel

Europe is on thin ice

All member states should quarantine arrivals from the UK

Headache and runny nose linked to Delta

Andrea Ammon, European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC)

preliminary data shows that it can also infect individuals that have received only one dose of the currently available vaccines

Two doses offered high protection against the Delta (B.1.617.2) variant

Delta in Les Landes in the south-west, 70%

Nationally, 10%

30% fully vaccinated

President Emmanuel Macron

We should all be vigilant because the Delta variant is coming

We see that it affects people who have not yet been vaccinated or who have only had one dose, which means we have to be even faster in this vaccination campaign


Cases, + 20,000

Deaths, 569 deaths

Highest figures since January

Moscow – Delta variant, 90% of new infections, (mayor)

Vaccinations as of 16th June

First dose, 12.8%

Fully vaccinated, 9.9%


New restrictions, Lisbon, Tagus valley

Delta more than 50% of new cases

Cabinet Minister Mariana Vieira da Silva

an attempt to contain the Delta variant

Country could have acted differently

Euro 2020

Germany v England in London next Tuesday

60,000 fans (75% capacity)

German World Medical Association

(Frank Ulrich Montgomery)

Travelling to the UK runs the risk of getting infected with the Delta variant

I consider it irresponsible for even vaccinated people to travel to London in this situation


Asked 4,000 fans to get tested

Three people tested Delta positive

Last Thursday’s Denmark v Belgium

All three are thought to have been infected at the game

Boris Johnson

NHS covid app running in England

Fully vaccinating people offered a good way forward for resuming travel


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23 thoughts on “Delta goes to Europe”
  1. It doesn't make sense (just as not closing the flights from China,Italy in 2020, or India this year early does not make sense) BECAUSE

    "You and I are not party to the underlying assumption that underpins all these separate and seemingly unrelated decisions that are being made by global governments!"

    ie If you know the underlying reasoningg, all the decisions being made make perfect sense!

  2. You should step back from the bs table and let the people live their lives if you are not able to tell them the truth … " doctor "…
    You and Fauxi are in the same lodge… I imagine you dressed up in a black robe and laughing at midnight when you have your satanic meetings… 🙄 🤦🏻‍♂️…
    I'm not judging you, God will !!!
    I'm just expressing my frustration 😏

  3. Thanks for the time you put into these, very informative sessions Doc. Congrats on 1M.
    What is a 'high protection' as a percentage. Are the vaccines very effective against the Delta variant?

  4. Of course it's going, and another one it will come, and after that another one…
    It's all about the jab, and people started to wake up and refuse the jabs, and the Plan is not working, the population must be reduced to 500 millions, that's why it's the jab so important… 🙄 🤦🏻‍♂️

  5. I'm thankful to Dr IGUDIA on YouTube for using his herbal medication to cure me and my partner from genital herpes, now we both test negative from HSV. You all can also contact him on his YouTube channel for help on any kind of disease

  6. the title sounds like Delta going to places…like some cute little fiction story about someone going to places, going on a holiday…no it's not.

  7. Listen to the future….climate lockdowns etc….co2 limits….air travel for essential reasons only…..
    This is what happens when you give in to tyranny by getting jabbed as this was always about the digital ID app. The smart people,  you know the conspiracy theorists were right 15 months ago .

  8. A new kind of stupid is sweeping in regarding the nonsense of the d variant……look at the flippin data you terrified sheeple…..d variant almost 100% of UK cases and no increase in hospital admissions…..turn your garbage tv OFF and listen to other channels than this fear propaganda site…

  9. Dr Cambell Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into these talks. I have learnt so much from them. I only wish the main stream media would put in even half the effort you do. Please do keep it up and congratulations on the one million subscribers.

  10. I have seen documentaries that say the flu vaccine that many PPL have every year is sometimes two years behind the latest mutation, I have no reason to believe the COVID vaccine will be any different Its almost as if this new virus was made for big pharma. I don't believe it was made for this reason but look at evidence. why would scientists work at making viruses more dangerous I can only think of two reasons weapons or money who gains? Why would Fouci divert money to Wuhan's lab? Do the Americans own a share in this Virus? Did Big Pharma pay Fouci to divert public money? With all the proven corruption and legalised corruption in the USA, how will we ever know? certainly not the western press we all know they are owned bought and paid for, this will be just another conspiracy theory.

  11. Uk has helped spread covid while going on holiday in Europe,some people in my country don’t care about anybody else apart from their need to go abroad because they missed out last year.stop uk people from going on holiday abroad.gosh we now how to mess up Europe with our actions.

  12. Thank you for your videos through this pandemic 👍.you have given me proper information on covid 19 the vaccines & symptoms etc.your daily videos have been a shining light in darkness of pandemic.putting out your videos is a full time job(dame utube algorithm)make sure you have a long holiday when this pandemic gets under control (boris your hands have blood on em for your late reaction to this pandemic at beginning (this is new a health emergency & u could say government not had experience in pandemic control.but they had big exercise in 2014 I think ,the exercise was for a biological or pandemic & how the emergency services react to that emergency.but government had foresight to buy up vaccines early,and vaccination out of pandemic will get us out of this in end the government got lucky with vaccines.stay safe

  13. I'm more concerned about the human variant that is still proliferating and multiplying in numbers around the poor Earth as it struggles to survive, infecting mother nature everyday with pollution, climate change, greed, corruption and disgusting cruelty and treatment to animals and the ecology alike. Human beings are the REAL virus not corona.

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