Delta pandemic

Global cases, Delta in 85 countries

Global deaths


B. 1.617.2

64% increased chance of household transmission compared alpha variant (PHE)

More likely to cause hospitalization, (PHE)

Pfizer-BioNTech / Delta

6% less effective for the delta variant after two doses

Efficacy against symptomatic disease

One dose, 36%

Two doses, 88%

Effective against hospitalization

One dose, 94%

Two doses, 96%

AstraZeneca / Delta

1% less effective after 2 doses

Efficacy against symptomatic disease

One dose, 30%

Two doses, 67%

Effective against hospitalization

One dose, 71%

Two doses, 92%

Delta +

Reports of a more infectious sub lineage

AY.1, K417N mutation (As in South Africa variant)


Cases, + 14,876 + 22,868 = 4,755,078

Deaths, + 11 + 3 = 128,103

Admissions, + 227 = 1,505

Past 7 days

Cases, + 116,287 (up 69.9%)

Deaths, + 122 (up 64.9%)

Admissions, + 1,557 (up 10.3%)

Adult vaccination rate

First dose, 84.1%

Second dose, 61.6%

Sajid Javid, Health Secretary

The latest modelling from PHE shows that they have saved over 27,000 lives and have prevented over seven million people from getting Covid-19

Two doses of the vaccine are just as effective against hospital admission with the Delta variant compared to the Alpha variant

While cases now are ticking up, the number of deaths remains mercifully low

July 19th


Limits on travellers from virus-variant zones such as Portugal and Russia


Sydney, Darwin, Perth
Locked down due to delta outbreak


Delta variant concerns

Travel in and out of Lisbon banned for 3 days


Delta variant

Moscow, deaths, + 144

Highest since start of pandemic

One dose

14% of the adult population

St Petersburg, has hosted six Euro 2020 matches
Another one on Friday, 26,000 people


14 countries with exponential growth

Third wave worst so far

Cases and deaths up 40% over past week

Young demographic

Untreated comorbidities

Delta variant in

South Africa

Cases + 18,000

Vaccinated, 5%

Winter and cold


Oxygen shortages


Population, 276 million

Delta variant

Increase in travel

Mass gatherings

Post Eid

First modified vaccine

AstraZeneca and University of Oxford

Trials of a modified coronavirus vaccine

Designed to act against Beta variant, (South Africa)

2,000 volunteers, being recruited, UK, Brazil, South Africa, Poland

Possible booster vaccines for fully vaccinated

Prof Sir Andrew Pollard, Oxford Vaccine Group

test the system of making vaccines against variants

no immediate urgency around the Delta variant

much more about being prepared for this quite testing variant, the South African one, and
also future variants