Public Health England has revealed that the Delta (Indian) variant is about 60% more transmissible within the household than the Alpha (Kent) variant and vaccines are less effective against it.

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By earmpy

27 thoughts on “Delta variant 60% more transmissible & more vaccine resistant”
  1. The who state that a positive test rate of 5 percent means the pandemic I's growing uk positive test rate less than 1%, and they still carry on with this bs

  2. The FDA has not approved any covid vaccine. It is under Emergency Use Authorization. If the restrictions are lifted, there will be no emergency, and they won't be able to use it any more.

  3. Considering how fast the virus is outsmarting the vaccine, it wont be long we will have the Klingon variant ..Ferengi variant.. Maqui variant etc

  4. I am just wondering will we be hearing of the G7 variant……????? and why we are waiting for this to arrive….can I also have a breakdown of the CO2 foot print of the G7…… Hello… have yeah never heard of Zoom calling during the pandemic…!!!!!

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