Delta variant and ‘vaccine apartheid’ to blame for COVID-19 surge? | COVID-19 Special

A quarter of the global population has received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine. Low income countries are far behind. Just one in a hundred have at least one jab there.
24% worldwide and only 1% low income countries are vaccinated. The distribution is slowest on the African continent. There just aren’t enough doses. The World Health Organisation criticised that sharply, and claimed: “The world is in vaccine apartheid”. The lack of doses has serious knock-on effects for poorer countries.
Not enough vaccines means more people catching the virus, more hospitalisations, more deaths. Just take Kenya, where case levels are pushing hospitals to the brink. Especially as they run short of vital supplies.
Health officials warn the highly contagious Delta variant is responsible for the rise in infections.
DW’s Mariel Müller visited a hospital in Kisumu where they’re running dangerously short of medical oxygen.


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