Jacksonville hospitals are seeing a rise in COVID-19 cases, with the number of patients at some facilities doubling in the last two weeks.


By earmpy

6 thoughts on “Delta variant cases reported in Jacksonville as hospitals see rise in COVID-19 patients”
  1. Scientists suggest their Vaccines produce a Greater Immunity Than Nature. The fact of the matter is, Scientists are still trying to understand how the Cells work. To better understand the Truth about Vaccination Programs read, “This Is A Bio-Attack” by Dr Robert B Strecker & Attorney Theodore A Strecker.

  2. So the vax won't save you, it won't even keep you safe with a mask on….too bad there isn't a magic pill you could take to stop the virus..oh,..there is? ..we just can't have it ? …because???….

  3. From 2 to 4? Doubling? 59% of all new Israel cases are delta! Uh wait that was 5. This variant causes no symptoms and will be like any other virus. Lives in us and doesn’t bother us. Wake up!

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