In a grim milestone, more than 4 million people worldwide have now died from COVID-19, more than 609,000 of them here in the U.S. Though cases have been driven down in much of the country, pockets that remain largely unvaccinated are seeing a spike driven by the delta strain. NBC’s Shaquille Brewster reports for TODAY from Springfield, Missouri.

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By earmpy

25 thoughts on “Delta Variant Fuels Cases And Hospitalizations In Pockets Of U.S.”
  1. This isn’t no variant – it’s a new biological weapon released on humanity – Bill Hates even warned us of the next Virus 🦠 no telling how many they’ve created – or how many scare tactics they have in the pipeline because what you fear you can manifest – raise your thought vibrations people.

  2. sings LIES, LIES, LIES, YEAH. . .LIES, LIES, LIES YEAH. . .
    If this new variant WAS a real thing, I'd rather stay at home and die with dignity than put my life in the hands of those murderers.

  3. On a different note…. lol HIPAA laws hugely violated and on nation news at that…. as they are speaking they show a health worker WRITING PATIENTS NAMES on the room/clinic schedule white board! Who may or may not have COVID but can you imagine if someone’s family didn’t know a loved one was in the hospital (for whatever reason) and saw this on national news?what about the fact that those ppl very well may have COVID and don’t want everyone knowing ! Yet we must trust the media and hospitals😒. I trust the dr. I work with and for. I trust what I hear from PT in clinic. I dont trust the media.

  4. Why wouldn't ppl understand the base of this? israel has 3 digit cases now, why are ppl still dare partying NOW? Nobody learn from India mismanagement?Gosh!

  5. They’ll say anything, no matter if it defies science on literally every single virus ever, just to strong arm you into this suspicious vaccine.

  6. Only if we could see the statistics of dead people that commented on youtube “ I trust my immune system” “ Vaccines are stupid” “people are dumb for getting vaccinated”

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