The Delta variant is fueling a COVID resurgence, now representing more than 20% of all new cases, with the numbers doubling in a week. Research indicates the variant, first identified in India, is more contagious and potentially more deadly. Janet Shamlian has the latest.

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By earmpy

40 thoughts on “Delta variant fuels fears of next COVID wave”
  1. Delta is the new label to scare the intellectual. Next, MARK IT DOWN, will be the Lambada variant. It's all BS do you see it? People who get sick from any variant CHOOSE NOT TO BE vaccinated because they are not scared of death, pain, or what ever it is that scares you into submission. It's ok it takes all kinds of personalities to make the world go around. Stop forcing with fear and group pity. You want to be born a boy and feel you should be a girl.. I want to not inject my body with an unproven science experiment. Force me to get vaccinated and I'll force your own mushroom tip down your throat. Let's play…

  2. The states of Texas and Mississippi have completely stopped the "ram virus pandemic" on their territory (month of March)
    Texas recorded 0 fatal deaths 2.5 months after masking was lifted
    South Dakota:
    A state that has NEVER quarantined or mandated the wearing of masks. Our economy has skyrocketed.
    We have the lowest unemployment rate in the entire United States of America. We are the # 1 state that has kept people's businesses, jobs and money in their pockets …

  3. At this point, very few people fear Covid in America. If you're vaccinated, you feel invincible. If you're not vaccinated, you never thought Covid was a big deal to begin with. It's just that simple.
    I prefer the invincible side myself, because the constant reinfections I was experiencing prior to the vaccine have finally stopped.

  4. We have a second break trough infection at work (65 yo male, fully vaccinated back in February, with Pfizer) Will see if my "recovery immunity" + vaccine will make me luckier

  5. The cdc uses the word control in its abbreviated namesake but ms walrmsky has not spoken on any control
    Measures beyond vaccinating .

    The children are now a concern with cdc as also should be mitigation of a airborne illness that is more likely to be contagious in air that is populated in a confined space much like classrooms .

    Scientific technology exists that decay the virus in air for use in enclosed interior spaces where many gather such as school classrooms .

    The science has been more a fever industry for pharma and other fever industries . Covid has been a lucrative partner in some instances is safe to say .

    However all lives matter and the classrooms and other indoor facilities that are public spaces need to take some responsibility and use science as mechanical devices exist and are in use that decay and render the covid virus harmless

    India is well known for the truth air and the breadth is the life
    Ironic it is the delta variant the namesake from the area code strain now called delta by the cdc after India had a unforeseen spike and horrific consequences were left unprepared

    Fortunately we have the cdc and they can implement scientific means to mitigate transmission of all variants
    The alpha omega variant even .

    The virus of airborne transmission wax prophesied and studied by former President Obama yet nothing was done to prepare .
    Empty words it appears .

    The mitigation would integrate a approach for citizens to understand and use science and take responsibility without being stupefied by this logical reasoning and fever push by cdc only solution and augmenting fear and panic

    It has also induced decision in our country on all levels .

  6. Additional "booster shots" means the experimental vaccines do NOT fully stop the virus and current variants and so more variants will arise – from the vaccinated.

  7. CBS you and the Dam democrats can stop lying about this Pandemic BS there is no variant going you and the lying lame main stream fake news media are making crap up just to help fear monger along with keeping power with the democrats

  8. Ya'll make sure Ya'll social distance from the dirty test tent contaminated parking lot pimping stadium vaccine sights are Hot Spots super spreader events and you might catch the virus if you go over there and don't open your door to strangers who show up maybe showing up with the virus so social distance instead and stay away from the hospital unless it's a absolute emergency it's a hot spot and get back to nature's remedies for healing

  9. The Cdc put out contaminated test without consequences so I'm pretty sure they won't have any problems with putting out contaminated test again so really it's just a germ warfare they're doing against the American citizens

  10. Shutdown the economy to stop the spread and pass more legislation for Stimulus Packages. I work full time and an extra stimulus check is always welcomed.

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