In Israel, coronavirus-cases have surged by 50 percent in the past week, a rise being blamed on the Delta variant. Israel was among the world’s first countries to reopen after lockdown. To date, almost two thirds of Israelis have had their first shot. Now authorities are calling on young people to come forward to get vaccinated to avoid the return of COVID restrictions.
The delta variant has driven infections to levels not seen in Israel since April – mainly among unvaccinated people. Some vaccinated people also have been infected. For now, the number needing hospital treatment remains low, although figures are rising.
The new Israeli government is pushing for the age group 12-15 to be inoculated now with the BioNTech-Pfizer vaccine. Prime minister Naftali Bennett is appealing to young people directly:
Israel has re-imposed an indoor mask mandate and tightened controls at the main international airport.
Further restrictions might be imposed if the Delta variant continues to spread. But for now, Israel aims to get most youngsters over 12 fully vaccinated before some of its doses expire later this month.


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22 thoughts on “Delta variant fuels new COVID surge in Israel | DW News”
  1. Maybe the nation's are milking this covid thing for all it's worth. I remember the story of the boy who cried wolf.i know there's a political agenda to this but I can't figure it out yet but I'm sure it has to do with more control.

  2. Oh f%$k off. The best thing against covid is your own natural immunity. It can deal with any variant (unless you have an underlying health condition) no matter what you call it. No vaccine needed, let alone a booster. 99.5% recovery rate. It disgusts me the number of pointless deaths and the lockdown full stop. If the susceptible who may have died from it had been the only ones quarantined then no lockdown would have been needed.

  3. The worst part is 60% of people getting it are already vaccinated. Unfortunate but hang out with people and do things while we can. Expected to hut hard Late August-September to February.

  4. I respect them for finally telling the truth.

    Yep, in Israel they have given up, covid realization has set in. The much-vaunted “herd immunity” likely to ever happen, scientists warn, because of psychology – vaccine hesitancy; biology – the emergence of mutations, aka new variants, which the vaccines may not “handle” as well (the latest to concern experts is the lambda variant, which was first identified in Peru); and inefficiency – in manufacturing, obtaining and administering vaccines to the general population, including children. At least they have dropped the bs.

  5. Uh, the vaccine has NOT been proven to stop the spread. Keep risking the health of the young so big pharma can sell more vaccines.

  6. Vigiaccess – take a look see the thousands of adverse effects – dot org – search covid-19 vaccines – so sad no proper journalism

  7. "…and we still see a portion of the elderly are still not vaccinated for various reasons."
    What percentage is that "portion" of the elderly?
    What are the "various reasons" for still not being vaccinated?

  8. The hard truth is that we need compulsory vaccination to take the angle out of Delta and the mutations after that. If we let these variants fester, they will eventually become so contagious and deadly, that anti-vaxxers will be begging to get vaccinated. We need temporarily to give up flights, tourism, international trade but instead think and live regional. We need a lot less democracy and more centralized power to take these hard decisions. Nobody wants that. But once corpses are lying around because we can not keep up burying them, it will not be about what we want, but about what we need to do to survive. We are playing with fire. Democracy is useless if it leads to self destruction.

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