UK, delay to 19th July

10 million more vaccine doses

Delta variant

Higher viral loads for longer

Detected in 74 countries

Most contagious variant so far

China, Namibia, US, Scandinavia, Pacific, Mongolia, Brazil, Argentina, Chile

Change in presentation

Cold like features

Symptoms now (since May)


Sore throat

Runny nose



No loss of smell

Guangzhou, China

12% of patients becoming severely or critically ill within three to four days symptom onset

Consistent reduced vaccine efficacy after one dose


Delta increasing

New wave of infections, peak early July

Jakarta hospitals, 75%

Democratic Republic of the Congo

Kinshasa, hospitals overwhelmed

President, Félix Tshisekedi

I am going to take drastic measures to deal with this upsurge of the disease

We’re talking about the Indian variant in particular


Localised lockdowns

Delta variant in the US

Currently 10% of Covid-19 cases in the US

B.1.617.2 variant

Proportion is doubling every two weeks

Probably will become the dominant strain in the US.

Scott Gottlieb, former commissioner, US Food and Drug Administration

I think in parts of the country where you have less vaccination

particularly in parts of the South, where you have some cities where vaccination rates are low

there’s a risk that you could see outbreaks with this new variant

Where less than 50% of adults have had at least one dose

Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Wyoming


By earmpy

29 thoughts on “Delta variant more dangerous”
  1. Well done Aussies! My Canadian province abides by the same philosophies and protocols for contact tracing, restrictions, etc. and I am very relieved. It is definitely worth the efforts.

  2. So what variant starts out seeming like a kidney infection? Lower to mid back ache. Had that for 2 days then its spread everywhere in my body and joints and a high fever 104 started. Most of may is a blur to me. And i am proof they really have no clue how many really have it, I was too sick to go anywhere to get a test for 3 weeks. By then the test said neg. My Dr said there is a 10% chance of a false test. I had no issues with my lungs until after 3 weeks when for 4 days if i tried to move even a little, i could not get a breath, it was like my right lung was being crushed, front and back. If i had to get up to use the washroom i would nearly pass out from panic breathing and the pain, i screamed alot.

  3. Dear Dr. Campbell

    The name "Gottlieb" is a German Name.
    It is quite easy to pronounce just say "Got-leap".
    And it is anything else but a "terrible name" !
    It means "god-love(d)".

    I Know that you always say that your chanel is not
    the right place to be political.
    But watching your chanel for more than 50 "talks"
    on the pandemic i am not so sure about that anymore.
    It seems to me that you are holding some kind of
    grudge against Germany and the EU.
    I heard you complaining and ranting about the EU or
    Germany in three third of your videos.
    On the other hand if it comes to the to english speaking
    countries you are always trying to be as positive as

    Can you please be as positive as possible or at least
    neutral if you talk about any other countries outside the
    UK too ?

    I think i dont need to tell you that the UK has disgraced
    itself to the maximum within the first year in this pandemic.
    And if you count deaths relative to the population then
    the UK even beats the USA.
    So please stop ranting on other countries outside the UK
    or your circle of english speaking countries.
    You dont need to be political yourself on your chanel, dont you ?

    Warm greetings from Germany to you.
    And thanks for your daily updates.

    By the way, here is a link to the daily detailed situantional reports
    of the Rober-Koch-Institute (also available in english).
    Maybe you are interested in that too.

    Please keep in mind that this is not a national comparison or race.
    This is a natural catastrophe we are in. And we are in it all together.

    Thanks again for your good work.

  4. You don’t even KNOW if the vaccine will work on Covid19 let alone the Delta “variant”!
    Why keep pushing the vaccine that is “experimental “ and only allowed using in an “emergency”! Even the test cannot be used after the “emergency” is over! Done bank on the shot working! No matter how MANY you get!

  5. The UK is getting done in 57 different positions by the Indian variant. Even as someone who had their second jab nearly a whole month ago and who mostly mixes socially with other double-jabbed people (that's a coincidence, not a personal choice by the way) I'm beginning to get slightly concerned about it.

    We're long past the point of these restrictions just being annoying now. 2021 is once again looking like a writeoff and I truly fear we're in for another very bad winter thanks to some arsehole coming here from Sirius or Tatooine. and lying about his movements to dodge quarantine.

  6. Some claimed the virus will become endemic and less dangerous in due time, but from the trend c19 is showing, it is mutating to become more virulent, not weakening. Therefore the use of vaccine alone, without any prophylaxis/therapeutic agent, e.g using ivermectin, would likely prolong the pandemic.

  7. Meanwhile, this is absolutely the best interview I've watched in the past 18 months about the pandemic, by ex VP of Pfizer. Dr John – please add Dr Yeadon to your show – he's keen to share his expertise! The gloves are off. A scientifically rigorous take-down of every major lie from our govts to drive the pandemic onward. Please share widely: @t

  8. Respect to Dr Campbell on his explanation of how not aspirating could be causing the rare advserse effects with both the mRNA and adenovirus-vector vaccines.

  9. The lockdowns, masks and social distancing work against natural virus evolution (i.e in a direction of weakening) and working as eventual gain-of-function. The vaccination during epidemic as it has been shown in Pfizer own charts works in favor of new more pathogenic variants. Make your own conclusions.

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