Harvard Medical School Professor Martin Kulldorff says the Delta variant of COVID-19 is “not a gamechanger” or a mutation we should be “specifically concerned about”.

“A virus will always mutate, there will always be different variants – that’s not strange,” Professor Kulldorff told Sky News.

“Sometimes we get variants that are a little bit more infectious or that spreads a little bit more easily. But the key thing is that the delta variant is the same in terms of, it affects older people but not younger people.

“So, if you suddenly get mutations where younger people start dying. But that’s not the Delta variant.

“It’s not a gamechanger, and it’s nothing we should be specifically concerned about.”


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37 thoughts on “Delta variant ‘not a game changer’: Harvard professor”
  1. They just wanted to scare us all by the delta variant… now they say delta isn't so scary because THERES A NEW VARIANT TO SCARE US ALL! The lamda variant.

  2. I wish the medical community would acknowledge that poor health, rather than age, is the risk factor. I know of seniors who have more vitality than some 30 year olds.

  3. They WILL try to push this 'new'
    Delta variant to SCARE us into
    & to JUSTIFY IT. BUT PLEASE LOOK for YOURSELF, this new variant is STATISTICALLY LESS DEADLY than Covid 19 which has an almost 100% SURVIVAL RATE plus a LOT more

  4. every year around 50 million people die from various causes. 150 million births every year. let's see what it will look like in 10 years when the population is vaccinated with anti – C vaccines!

  5. It's a fool's game and they're scrabbling to keep it going. They're trying the world wide communist dictatorship people are waking up to the deception. Lockdown is to take away small business the lie of the essential worker everyone is essential to their individual household no if's or buts. The lie it's for your safety the fear and manipulation of the when you go against the narrative you don't care about the people hahaha like they do…..

  6. 4 million deaths as opposed to 8 billion people do the math .002% , If you haven't noticed yet we have 23 more deadly things that are killing people , so let me get this straight we lockdown the entire world , wear masks [ that don't do a bit of good ] , distance ourselves from one another , put our world in a collapse economically [ thats the plan ] for a .002% , like more people die from malaria ? bad water ? , car accidents ? ect……

  7. what about the 100,000 who died in one week of cancer , or is cancer and other things that kill people not important , in fact covid is 24th down the list of things that people die from , and we have 100% attention to a 1% of a problem ! NOW does that make any sense at all !

  8. And the only ones protecting this criminal racket our criminal Governments are committing against us are these fascist cops. This was NEVER ABOUT COVID. WAKE THE FUK UP!

  9. There is utterly no shame in these pathological liars and sellouts
    May God bring his wrath on all these that push covid and world economic reset
    Times 7 i ask for this prayer to be fullfilled unless they repent

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