The hyper-transmissible delta variant is now the most common COVID-19 strain in California, according to the California Department of Public Health. Ginger Conejero-Saab reports.

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By earmpy

23 thoughts on “Delta Variant Now Most Common COVID-19 Strain in California”
  1. Funny these reee reeee don’t understand wearing a mask will not save you. But since you think that just look at all the b rolls with SARS funny we don’t see nurses just wearing a mask.

  2. If you dont believe of delta variant..go look indonesia covid booming now..there is no conspiracy there..5 people of my family got delta , 2 are dead within 3 days after got the virus…this is not a joke

  3. Lies!!! All of the sudden the vaccine now protects against the new Delta virus bullshit!??? Cmon people why does the government want everyone to get the vaccine??? Why?? They shouldnt care why r they so desperate for people to get vaccinated???!

  4. Vaccines aren’t totally affected by delta. It’s inevitable. The country has failed. Even australia can’t hold the delta variant back. im no expert but i’ve been doing so much research. I think it’s safe to say we’ll be going into another large long lockdown in September. Im so sorry but i believe it’s the truth. Do things while you can!

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