Connecting the best minds across the world to discuss strategies about managing COVID-19 in the out patient setting is critical. Contingency planning means there is a plan for all circumstances. Further spread of the Delta variant may impact the clinical presentation of unvaccinated and vaccinated individuals.

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37 thoughts on “Delta Variant Outpatient Strategies in COVID-19. Carlette Norwood-Williams and Dr Chetty”
  1. Dr. Carlette should be the first in line to do her utmost to support the doctors who relentlessly go against the bureaucratic dictates of health regulators and save C19 patients with the use of Ivermectin. And she must tell people at every opportunity that about 60% of currently used meds are repurposed and that anti-parasitic Ivermectin is a multifaceted medication which, in the last 50 years, was shown, in vitro and in vivo, to be a potent antiviral (including mRNA viruses,) an immune-modulator, an anti-inflammatory, and an anti-microbial.

  2. Why does SA have a sharp C19 rise now?There was a stage recently when it declined after a group of 500 doctors won the case in the court for the use of Ivermectin. What happened?

  3. Dr Shankara Chetty is true doctor who practises both the ART and Science of Medicine unlike the Nazi doctors killing patients in the first world countries.
    Depriving life saving treatment for COVID in the West is CRIMINAL CONDUCT!

  4. So 2 people don’t like the idea of being helped with symptoms? I wonder what’s the matter with some people, u would think they like the idea of suffering!

  5. Dr Chetty is amazing. I would love him to be my dr. He is a "thinker" always trying to work out whats working and whats not and what he has to change. Have listened to him several times now. So many lives could have been saved months and months ago.

  6. With all due respect to Dr. Carlette, I do not think we should settle for β€œwhat is palatable.” We need to promote the work of all the doctors who have successfully treated patients, and tell people to locate an informed physician who will provide early treatment, before they become ill. The flccc and exstnc websites have telehealth doctors who will prescribe prophylaxis to prevent desperate situations such as her son experienced.

  7. Now Bret Weinstein is banned from Youtube, and these enemies of humanity will shut you down too. You need to at least mirror the content to Odys-ee and Bitch-ute which you can do automatically.

  8. Thank you Dr Williams for bringing out an honest and professional viewpoints. What a fresh of breadth, you are while people are being muzzled and choked all these 14 months.

  9. The regulatory bodies had no problem approving new unproven vaccines on emergency authorisation. They must allow treatments with already existing drugs in an emergency.

  10. Dr McDonald
    To understand how the Delta variant competes with other strains, please investigate – countries – at:
    The delta variant competes differently in different regions. Many times it is simply a non entity. The UK may still have lots of tinder for the virus – any variant – to attack. As a result of your protracted lock downs and mass jab rollout campaign. It could even be overtaken again by your UK variant. Keep a calm head and don't believe all the media hype

  11. You should be managing the WHO – collaboration is the secret sauce. I think we need to now look at addressing the effects of vaccine: does spike protein production stop, does it spread to other parts of the body, does it cross the blood brain barrier, how to stop it, what are the effects if the spike accumulate in certain organs and are booster shots effective if we already programmed the cell to produce antibodies for a specific variant. Thank you!!!

  12. As we say in South Africa where there's a will, There's a way! πŸ‡ΏπŸ‡¦πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ

  13. Can Ivermectin be combined with antihistamine? I have low-level histamine intolerance and would like to avoid the reckless and dangerous vaccines. I want to go with an Ivermectin + quercetin C,D,Zinc prophylaxis strategy. Problem is, getting Ivermectin in πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦. I know how to vett horse paste for safety but I would rather have the human formula.

  14. Swear to GOD this is exactly what I did when sick in March 2019 to manage my virus. However I already had been diagnosed with MCAS so knew to titer up and also used Ketotifen oral, cromolyn oral, nasal and nebulized, azelastine nasal spray, benadryl, zantac, AKBA from boswellia serrata for leukotriene, aspirin for prostaglandins, luteolin as mast cell stabilizer and ultimate rescue of Ativan as mast cell stabilizer/antihistamine. Nobody would listen to me in NYC area when I said it seemed as a horrible mast cell anaphylactic like attack. I didn't do steroid in inflammatory phase however and ended up a long hauler only for Ivermectin to finally stop a majority of symptoms including chest pain nearly a year later. Low dose full flush niacin, nebulized Budesonide and Ivermectin drastically helped relieve my long haulers while continuing my daily bid mast cell protocol medications and low histamine diet.

  15. Thank you Dr Phillip for all your wonderfully informative discussions and for all your brave and knowledgeable guest who are shedding light on the fact that UK and other supposedly developed countries are totally letting down their citizens by not providing early treatment for covid19 patients. As lay people, what can we do to put pressure on our governments and public health services to wake up and see that mass vaccinations is not the only way to save lives.

  16. Thank you so much Dr. Phillip for this wonderful discussion. We need more doctors like Dr. Shankara chetty, thank you so much for spreading the word.

  17. I love these discussions. I would like to donate but I do not use patreon. PayPal is preferred via 'friend' donation.

  18. Excellent. Hope Dr. Norwood-Williams will go to, and to learn more about ivermectin. What she went through with her son could have been fully avoided. Dr. Chetty is truly amazing and makes me want to move to wherever he practices. So much more intelligent in analyzing and treating symptoms than many western "standard of care-only" pharma puppets.

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