Delta variant symptoms: How they're different from regular COVID-19

The highly contagious Delta variant continues to spread across the country and some health experts say it could be a threat to reopening plans. There are confirmed cases of the Delta variant in the Carolinas, but the symptoms aren’t necessarily the obvious COVID-19 symptoms.

People with Delta don’t have the typical loss of smell and taste doctors immediately associated with COVID-19. Many have a runny nose or sore throat, which could get complicated in the fall during cold and flu season.

The Delta variant is different in many ways.

“This virus more efficiently binds to these cells then enters those cells and may in some ways eludes immune system more effectively,” Dr. David Priest with Novant Health said. That’s what makes it more contagious and more likely to do damage in communities with lower vaccination rates.

Top officials with the World Health Organization warn the United States may be moving too quickly and lose control.