As CBS News’ Janet Shamlian reports, the Delta variant of the coronavirus is fueling a rise in infections across the U.S. Experts warn those cases are expected to continue climbing in communities with low vaccinations. Dr. Amesh Adalja, an infectious disease expert and senior scholar at Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health, joins CBSN’s Lana Zak to discuss the latest.

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By earmpy

47 thoughts on “Delta variant threatens U.S. communities with low vaccinations”
  1. If they are not testing vaccinated people than how do you know that there are more cases among those who are unvaccinated?! Guess what, in places where they still test the vaccinated – they have just as many cases among the vaccinated as the unvaccinated. So, you can take your judgmental, arrogant attitude and …..

  2. True Medicine is a Philosophy Of Nature. Modern Medicine & Science has No Interest in Nature, or True Natural Science. For the Truth about Vaccination Programs read, “This Is A Bio-Attack Alert”, by Dr Robert B Strecker.

  3. I am just wondering what person from a superior political party, superior race, superior religion, superior intelligence, and superior economic status is going to die before me again.

  4. I just want you people to know that I have Hypothyroidism from an Anthrax vaccination I received when I was trying to get into the Army.

  5. I just heard the fools on Fox say that the virus is on its way out and most people have been already infected so they're immune and there's nothing to worry about.

  6. America is the country with possibilities but they need to start acting like it they will come victorious out of this so another countries can end their lockdown and mask insanity and forced policy as well whoever idea was to use china as a role model needs to be charged for crimes against humanity.

  7. I just want to thank all the people who dismissed this virus, who refused to wear masks, who refuse to get the vax…..we are where we are 18 months later because of YOU. People died because of You.

  8. "Delta variant threatens U.S. communities with low vaccinations" thereby motivating us, the people of America, to redouble our efforts to rapidly find out at any given moment, including even while On-Line, who among us are unwittingly contagious (i.e. pre-symptomatic or asymptomatic) in order to "Convince It Forward" for them to call their doctor and to self-quarantine per CDC guidelines in hopes of stopping this pandemic instead of having more "Mourning In America." Thus, we're hoping for the best while preparing for the worse-case scenario of the Alpha lineage mutations and others like the Gamma, Beta, Epsilon, Iota, & Delta lineage mutations combining to form hybrids that render current COVID vaccines no longer effective.

  9. If people do not want to vaccinated that's their choice. Life is but a dream, why ruin it for others.

  10. This psyop is laughable because you actually convinced them that this covidiot is a real and dangerous issue….but we know it's psychological warfare against us. Live free or die trying!

  11. I bet you didn't know that the Taiwanese Health Ministry pays the families of vaccine death victims a "condolence fee" of $50,000 NTD, or roughly $1,780 USD. In three months of AstraZeneca rollout, there have already been 300+ deaths. Moderna started to roll out 10 days ago and so far there have been 2 confirmed deaths.

    The CDC and FDA should be ashamed of themselves. All we get is this stupid VAERS system that doesn't even work.

  12. See this is the issue….
    This news anchor just said,
    "the virus will continue to mutate in under vaccinated communities". WTF?
    That's literally propoganda and fear tactics.

  13. In a capitalistic society you'd think there would be an exponential rise in the number of funeral homes nationwide. I haven't noticed a need for more morticians….. strange with all the "deaths" being reported

  14. At least they're asking nicely for you to obey. They won't be this nice forever. They'll soon be giving it to you by force, like the R🅰️Pℹ️💲T💲 they are.

  15. I want to thank Big tech and mainstream media for teaching us that we can ban The speech of the President of the United States of America from all platforms and I appreciate them showing us that The Commander in Chief and the leader of the free world doesn't have freedom of speech and when they banned the chief executive officers speech they banned all the co equal branches simultaneously 👏

  16. Ya'll make sure Ya'll social distance from the dirty test tent vaccine contaminated parking lot pimping stadium vaccine sights are Hot Spots super spreader events and you might catch the virus if you go over there so social distance instead and don't open your door to strangers who show up maybe showing up with the virus so social distance instead and stay away from the hospital unless it's a absolute emergency it's a hot spot and get back to nature's remedies for healing

  17. In the last 24 hours I have seen at least 6-7 news clips on YouTube and each one is more aggressive than the other in forcing us to take the jab. I’m sorry but at this point it is very creepy and disturbing how they are intimidating us or threatening us to get that stupid jab. I really just don’t trust anyone anymore …I’m really careful with people around …but first we lost the election (let’s face it there were so many things wrong with the election) and now forcing people to take the jab they don’t want 🤷‍♂️

  18. Yet vaccines don't protect as well against contracting Covid & so risk of exposing children too young to be vaccinated &/or suffer long-Covid complications. According to Israel, 3.6 of every 10 fully vaccinated people may be unprotected from catching the delta variants!

  19. Where's president trump to blame China for all of this and stop the media CDC politicians from blaming people for not getting vaccinated

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