Dogs vs Zombie Cat Prank: Funny Dogs Maymo & Potpie Surprised by Zombie Cats

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Watch Funny Dog Maymo & Potpie get Surprised by a Zombie Cat Prank! These two cute beagle dogs are enjoying a regular day on the couch when a zombie cat straight from the cemetery shows up and jumps on cute dog Potpie, who is surprised by the interruption. Potpie whips the scary cat around, and chases him through the house. Maymo throws Potpie a baseball bat, and the two dogs play ‘ping pong’ with the zombie cat, who screeches and meows in anger at the two funny dogs’ game. Just when the dogs think they’re finished with zombie cats, another undead feline shows up, surprising funny dog Maymo! Maymo gets out the bat again, and makes some quick work of the crazy cat, but not before Potpie has a little fun with the the unwanted guest. This cat zombie apocalypse is certainly a prank video for the ages!

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