Doja Cat 'Kiss Me More' cover by STAYC (Color Coded Lyrics)

Doja Cat 'Kiss Me More' cover by STAYC (Color Coded Lyrics)

Doja Cat ‘Kiss Me More’ cover by STAYC (Color Coded Lyrics)

All Rights Administered by RCA Records.
• Artist: Doja Cat
• Track ♫: Kiss Me More
• Album: Kiss Me More
• Released: 2021.4.9
• Engtrans: LyricFind

Cover credit:
• Artist: STAYC (my bias is Isa)
• Released: 2021.6.8

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40 thoughts on “Doja Cat 'Kiss Me More' cover by STAYC (Color Coded Lyrics)

  1. Lmao people are really mad that they sang the original version of the song. First of all they cut the slur what I am so happy that their company new that it should be done. Your favs should take note and tell their companies. Second everyone is like omg they are so young. Like y’all act like y’all didn’t curse in high school or middle school. Y’all act like y’all don’t be cursing under your breathe 😂

  2. damn i cant with these lyrics, some of them are minors for f*ck sake and they be talking abt dirty stuff. Sheet be alright if they're all adults at least but not now ugh

  3. I LOVE Seeun's voice. I wish she got more lines on every song, I just love the soft intercalated with the strong spoken- I don't even know what technical terms I could use to describe her I just love the way she sounds

  4. Stayc begin to sing
    Others: sieun, sumin, isa, seeun, yoon, j voices are unique, amazing…..etc

    Yeah Stayc have full fascinating voices. True 4th gen all rounder.

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