26 thoughts on “Doja Cat – So High (Explicit Version)

  1. I wrote a song for my twin sons who passed away, Alex in July 2019 from suicide and Andre in February 2020 from overdose (see my channel). It is a message from my heart to all people struggling with addiction.

  2. Going trough my favorites playlist I came across this, This was the first Doja Cat song i heard back in the day, forgot that it's the actual Doja Cat that's still hot and around now..

  3. Doja cat je suis pas fan de toi reste dans ton monde imaginaire 💀 🤫🤢🥶😷🧐😈😡💩🤡👹👺👻👽👾🤖🖤🕳💤👎🧠🫀🫁🦴👁🧑‍🍳👨‍💻👳🧜‍♂️💆‍♂️🛌👣⚰ ⚰

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