Dr. Mira Irons discusses vaccination efforts and Delta variant | COVID-19 Update for June 9, 2021

AMA Chief Health and Science Officer, Dr. Mira Irons, reviews COVID-19 vaccine numbers and trending topics related to the pandemic over the past week. Also covering “National Month of Action” and state-by-state vaccination progress, as well as the Delta virus variant.

0:00 AMA COVID-19 Update for June 9, 2021
0:14 What is the administration’s “National Month of Action” going to look like?
1:26 Are we still on track to meet that 70% goal?
2:17 How are vaccination numbers looking; what are the notable differences in vaccination rates between states?
3:40 What does this mean for the South and regions with slower vaccination progress?
4:33 This week’s numbers in terms of new cases and deaths
5:36 Discuss the emergence of new variants—like Delta, and what we’re seeing in the UK
6:32 How significant is the increase in Britain?