25 thoughts on “[ENGLISH SUBS] Mr Pigeon 72 | Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir | SEASON 4

  1. Just think abt this : in the first umbrella scene marinette did something stupid with the umbrella, she accidentally closed it and Adrien and her started to laugh clumsily, and now, Adrien was so focused on Marinette that he didn't noticed the car's superior part, so he did hit hia head, and then Marinette starts laughing and Adrien laughs clumsily too, is a kind of sequence, it means he already noticed his feelings for Marinette.


  2. it's so frustrating for me because marinette's character is someone who realizes things, she would've realized that it's wrong for her to be still chasing after adrien right after breaking up with luka, wouldn't it be unfair to luka that she isn't trying to mend thing with him but still chases after adrien. for the purpose of adrinette they made her still chase after adrien and i think they're starting to make adrien clumsy around mari based on how he bumped his head on the car while staring at mari uuuggghhhhh i just feel so conflicted, and poor kagami too she doesn't deserve any of this pain i hope someone deserving of kagami will come for her, in my opinion lukanette was healthy if we remove the fact that mari is ladybug and yes i do ship them because they cute and they healthy if only mari wasn't ladybug but then we wouldn't have this show idk what the point of this comment anymore

  3. okay I already liked Kagami from the start just because I knew she fell in love like every other teens and it shows here- 2nd SO WEIRD SEEING KAGAMI'S MOM BEING SO NICE??? 3rd I think Adriend is starting to like Mari a bit– AFTER 4 SEASONS SMTH WITH ADRIEN AND MARI HAPPENED-

  4. In the original umbrella scene
    Marinette gut stuck in the umbrella (wherein later on she realizes she has a crush on adrien UwU)
    And now adrien is in the umbrella WITH marinette
    Doesnt that mean adrien will like her too and that Marinette's feelings for him will stay HEHHEEHEH

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