The more contagious delta COVID variant is gaining steam in the United States, especially in areas with lower rates of vaccination.


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42 thoughts on “Family mourns 45-year-old mother who died from delta strain after refusing vaccine”
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  2. I blame the drs who follow CDC guidelines how to treat this… medications are out there with great recovery results… I would have had autopsy to prove this. Certain medications while on ventilators will kill you and in most cases this is what happened…

  3. 🚨🚨🚨People from 2021 never trust Vaccine, we can survive by having strong immune system..
    _Many people die because of trusting that vaccines that are still in medical trials_🤣.. now your from 2030 or 2040 having research about corona virus from China.

  4. Care to show the study and proof that says 99% of the people dying from Covid are unvaccinated? A nurse was interviewed by Alex Jones and said over the past 2 months, 100% of the Covid patients in her hospital's ICU were fully vaccinated people.

  5. Stop eating sugar… go outside SUNSHINE… eat veggies.. loose weight… MY MOM died at 36 from cancer…. the news didn't do a story the media don't care millions die from cancer!

  6. The five most significant clusters identified by Georgetown researchers are largely located in the southern U.S., in states such as Georgia, Alabama, Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Louisiana—all of which are currently experiencing a rise in coronavirus cases as Delta rips through communities concentrated with people who have yet to receive a single vaccine shot. Those clusters include more than 15 million people. Under vaccinated clusters are putting the entire U.S. at risk given their potential to serve as "factories" for extremely contagious variants.

  7. Geez they’ll take any little story that confirms their beliefs while ignoring large groups of opposition data lol this is like fish cleaner lady

  8. What's to mourn? It was her body and her choice. She made her grave, let her lie in it. "Any opportunity she got to hangout with her kids, she took it". Nahhhh I'm calling BS here. She didn't protect herself from COVID and put her children at risk. She's an idiot, and it seems like most of the people commenting here will be joining her in her fate because they live their lives the same way. Think you care about your family? Your community? Your continued selfishness shows otherwise.

  9. How did the daughter "feel her mother's last breath" when family is not allowed to visit covid patients in the hospital? Why would she visit her mother in the hospital if she thought she would be exposed to a deadly virus?
    I smell BS all over this report.

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