Jun.08 — Anthony Fauci, head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and an adviser to President Joe Biden, issues a warning about the more harmful Covid-19 variant known as delta as inoculation fades across the U.S. He speaks at a news briefing. (Excerpt)


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40 thoughts on “Fauci Warns of Harmful Covid-19 'Delta' Variant”
  1. Faucci needs to be held responsible for his crimes against hummanity. He knowingly killed a lot of people and is an evil man.

  2. In Advanced Mathematics… the Greek letter 'Delta' is used to refer to 'change'.

    See this article… https://www.toppr.com/guides/maths/introduction-to-graphs/delta-symbol/#:~:text=Delta%20Symbol%3A%20Change,in%20various%20branches%20of%20science.

    So the 'Delta Variant' is the 'Change that keeps Changing'

    One of the hallmarks of Anthony Fauci's #fauci #fauci is #mutation #variant #change.

    This is.. he 'changes the facts', 'changes his story', and still prefaces all of it as 'real', 'science', 'medical data', 'medical evidence'… and its not.
    #science @science #mecialevidence @medicalevidence #data #medicaldata

    #Fauci has the hands of #LabCorp and all the #drugcompanies up is @a$$ #@$$ making his mouth move.

    IG @hivisalie

  3. It seems to me that the unvaccinated owe a debt of gratitude to all of those who have chosen to be vaccinated. At the same time, they could observe the improved state of mind of those who are now vaccinated. I, for example, no longer cringe when in proximity of someone who’s not wearing a face mask. They’re either vaccinated and not a danger — or, they’re not a significant danger to me even if they are unvaccinated.

    In communities where vaccination rates are lower, the number of new Covid cases are still highly problematic. When the more infectious variants arrive, this rate will dramatically increase. Meanwhile, I look forward to receiving my booster shot.

    Note: One lesson that we’re being reminded of is how interconnected we all are and that, in the sense of community, caring about the well being of others is part of the “Golden Rule”

  4. I am reading the responses, so much hostility towards Dr. Fauci and the information. There are things in life to be afraid of, there are things that will kill or injure..this virus and it's variants is one such thing. But if folks want to disregard and possibly lose their life that is there right. I believe if the cruise ship says Titanic you should ship that ship. It sounds like folks are so spoiled that any restraints are met with a trantum of insults, reckless disregard. We are only human and our bodies are not designed to resist every attack. At this point unvaccinated people are more likely to contract and suffer the I'll effects of Covid, that is so sad because it is preventable. Even President Trump's made sure he took the vaccine and I am sure his entire family has been vaccinated. Probably most religious leaders have been vaccinated. Most captains of industry have been vaccinated. They are well informed and don't want to die. There's no way you are going to see folks with every material advantage and with everything to lose unvaccinated. The shot is the best shot. And being careful is now a way of life.

  5. So Fauci, how many more variants are your secret Labs producing to further your One World Order population decimation agenda ?.

  6. Who listens to this fraud ? Now we are finding that the spike protein circulates throughout the body. Doctors are coming forward warning people. Do not take it

  7. The Democrats are fearful of losing complete control of our citizens so must find new ways to drum up fear so that we can all be "protected" for our own goods. Seems like the UFO stories were a fizzle so now we're back to this.

  8. This is coming from a guy whom not only funded the covid-19 research, LIED it ever happened and now is still speaking about the newest version which is reported to transmit 2 times faster. Don't forget to wear your mask while sunbathing as Fauci recommended,

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