As the world struggles with the Delta variant, the virus has mutated again. At least 9 countries have now detected the “Delta plus” variant, with India reporting around 30 cases of the new mutation. Palki Sharma tells you why this variant has sparked concerns.

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By earmpy

28 thoughts on “Gravitas | Delta Plus variant: The new worry for the world”
  1. Why new virus additional is coming. How can virus change its behaviour.


  2. Its already been said that this less harmful than the original covid19. Less deaths and side effects. Lets move on and open up this world. We all see where this is all heading and its not good. First it was the Delta variant and that didn't seem to do much for people's worry so the media came up with Delta Plus. Lets see if this sticks and scares people. If it dosen't work lets go with Delta Supreme. Its insanity at a new level. We as people are not buying the narrative anymore.

  3. They failed to meet their >50% US Vax rate by Jul 4, so will have a difficult time selling these experimental drugs to the rest of the globe. This is why we are seeing tons of new fear porn coming out about these variants recently.

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  5. It's called "Delta Variant" because you have to be completely asleep to believe it.

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  7. wuhan virus…but delta plus….is perhaps a indian version. using what virus terminology…it would be the Indian mutation.

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