Hissing Feral Cat Becomes A Couch Potato | The Dodo Adopt Me!

Hissing Feral Cat Becomes A Couch Potato | The Dodo Adopt Me!

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Dwight the stray cat would hiss whenever anyone got close — but now he loves getting belly rubs on the sofa! He’s available now for adoption

If you’re interested in adopting Dwight, visit: http://thedo.do/adoptdwight. Special thanks to Morgan for sharing Dwight’s story with us! Keep up with her on Facebook: http://thedo.do/Cheekydwight, Instagram: http://thedo.do/cheekydwight and TikTok: http://thedo.do/morganchanae. To learn more about Lucky’s Cat House, check them out on Facebook: http://thedo.do/Luckyscathouse.

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39 thoughts on “Hissing Feral Cat Becomes A Couch Potato | The Dodo Adopt Me!

  1. He isn’t FERAL – you wouldn’t see a FERAL CAT – he is a Stray. Obviously he had had interaction with humans before. I have Fostered Cats from the Pound via Rescue…they have been dumped in the Bush, streets etc. They will hiss at me & hide, I never force myself – they come to me when they know they can trust me…..please people a FERAL is entirely different than a Stray….. Cats are little Dogs, they make wonderful companions & always be gentle, never grab or tease any Animal. Thanks fir video he is magnificent …it has taken me months sometime to get a Cat to relax & come to me when they are ready to trust a human….respect & patience (same with stray Dogs)

  2. My sister adopted a feral cat just like Dwight. One day when she was brushing his stomach he latched on to her forearm and started biting and scratching her. She couldn't free herself. He was actually just playing rough but she was badly injured and had to go to hospital. I love cats but sometimes you just can't trust them and you need to be very careful when you're grooming them. That applies especially to ferals but also to some domesticated cats. I hold non-trustworthy cats by the scuff of the neck when brushing any sensitive areas.

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